Just Started TRT, Need Advice On... Everything

Hey guys, I’m 35 and recently began TRT. My current dosage is 1.25 cc weekly of 200mg Test C. I have a few questions, honestly some I didn’t think to ask my doctor.
First, I’m using 1 1/2" 23G needles. A friend said they would be the best to use. Is this true?
Second, I took my first shot yesterday and I’m kinda sore, is this normal?
Third, while injecting, I felt a sharp pain in my gluten (like I had hit a nerve) is this also normal?
And lastly, how long should it be before I start feeling the effects of my TRT? My test level was in the 170’s about a week ago.
Sorry if these are noob questions. I’m definitely new to this.

I see problems with your protocol. You look to be on a path that will screw you up

You are taking 250mg of testosterone a week. That is a huge dose.
You are not taking any HCG. At 35 years old, I doubt you want to lose your gonads, they are going to shrink dramatically and may start to hurt. And being sterile might not be what you really want.
You need to be dealing with estrogen issues and you are not.

There is a lot more. There is the chance that you did not even need to start taking testosterone. There are ways of getting your system to start producing your own again. If your problem is not with your testicles then there are other options. What is causing your low T matters

Read all the info below. It will help you a lot. I’m sure the more informed guys will be here to help you in a bit

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You need to inject more than once a week to get smoother T levels.
You need estrogen management.

Post labs with ranges:
prolactin if you were secondary

So, while you’re reading the stickies, I’ll hel[p you out.

You can use a smaller needle. I use a 25 gauge 1" needle to inject IM in my glutes, but I’m relatively lean. You can use an insulin needle and inject subq and that will probably be even better (I don’t like subq, but I’m not the norm).

Yep. It gets better over time - I don’t get sore at all.

OH MY GOD YOU’RE GONNA DIE - jk, it’s normal.

It’s different for everybody, from a week to six weeks. By six weeks, you’re getting the full dose (based on half lives and shit) and should feel good, but you will continue to see improvements in body composition and other stuff for a year or more.

Well, you’re in the right place.

So, the dose you’re on is pretty high, but don’t get all freaked out about the estrogen issues and shit. You should be aware of them, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Testosterone converts to estrogen. If too much converts, you begin to get all cranky and shit, and, possibly, grow breasts (extreme case). So, you’ll want to get your E2 checked after six weeks and see where you are. Around here, people consider 22 to be the ideal, and a lot of guys need an AI (aromatase inhibitor) to prevent the conversion and prevent high estrogen levels.

Other guys don’t need it. I have been on TRT for three years, have never taken an AI, and my E2 levels are always borderline low. You just need to find out what works for you.

If you want to have kids, or like your nut sack full, then take hcg. If you are done with kids, don’t want them, and don’t have your self image tied to the size of your balls, don’t. Personally, I don’t like it. It makes me hold water and feel funky. And, I get tired of my balls dropping in the water when I’m taking a shit. So, I don’t take it.

Finally, you should figure out the cause of your low t. You may be able to fix that and get off trt. @KSman can help with that, but you need to post all of your labs to get his expert help - and he is an expert.

Good luck brother.

I did forget to mention that my Dr had informed me that all of my other levels are normal, including my Estrogen level. He did also prescribe me an Estrogen blocker, taking 25 MG a week with my shot. I don’t have the bottle on me to give the name right now but I will soon. Also, he wants to see me again in 6 weeks to discuss my progress. He also gave the option of testosterone pellets, which I would have been interested in if my insurance would cover the cost. Unfortunately, they won’t and it would be over $700 out of pocket, so I chose the injections.
But another question I have is, should I request HCG? Or would he have recommended it if he thought it was better than Test C? He said depending on my health under this therapy and how I react to the dosage, that he would like to get my T as close to 1000 if possible. That of course sounds great to me, but is it necessary and healthy? I’m going to look into the threads that you guys provided, and I greatly appreciate any advice and feedback that you all have.

Hcg is in addition to test, not in lieu of. If you want to maintain your fertility or ball size, then ask for it. If these aren’t a concern, don’t worry about it.

You sound safe to wait for your next blood test, Your gonads are not damaged in 6 weeks even if they are half the size they used to be, they come back easily. There are other hormones they produce that some miss. The biggest issue is if you want a child and that comes back fast.

Now read the stickies and bring us the blood test info that KSman requested. All will go well, sometimes it takes a wee bit of work to hit the sweet spot, other times it is right the first time. I hope you are working out hard. 250mgs being a good dose for that. High levels do help the muscle development and often make the old lady happy.

I would have recommended insulin syringes if injections would fit 0.5ml syringes, dose is too high.

Self injections into glutes are dangerous, too much risk to major nerves and blood vessels. Inject into or over quads, vastus lateralis.

Ah ok… Thanks for the amswer. I’ll monitor the “sack” (lol) and if I don’t like what’s happening I’ll inform my Dr. At 35 I’m pretty sure I’m done having kids…

Thanks for that information bud. I’ll try and speak with my Dr soon about the syringes and see if he can get my original labs before beginning therapy. As soon as I get ahold of them I’ll post so you can give me your opinion. I appreciate all the advice…

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the info bud…

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Verne maybe you can help me. Here is my situation in a nutshell…was on the Tgel for a couple of yrs and with really little results T levels around 300. My Doc and I decided to go to injections of 100 mg cyp a week. With in a few days my libido was back to feeling young again (I’m 52)…morning erections…hard lasting erections etc etc. So for about two weeks I felt like a young stud again. Because my dumb ass brain decided more is better I went from 100 mg a week to 400 mg a week. My results in the weight room as one can imagine went up very well…but my libido and erectile strength went to be an old man again. My question to you is this how much Armidex estrogen inhibitor should I take. My latest test results were as follows Free test 30.2 and Total test 1080 with a estrdiol level of 60 pg/ml Yes I’m stupid by taking that amount T 400mg so I have decided to go with 200 mg twice a week 100mg each shot. Is this still to much? I’m dont care about the weight rooms gains but I’m more concerned with my libido and erectile strength. All other blood work for me is outstanding so no health issues at all. Any advice would be apprectiated.

You trt is fine, high end but nothing crazy I have a hard time believe that is from 400mg a week? E2 is high very high. Did you lower your dose before the blood test? I will make that assumptive tell me if I am wrong

You are taking none now so .5mg with every injection looks like a good idea. Make sure you get a blood test in about 10 day or a bit more. Crashing to zero is just as bad as 60 pg/ml maybe worse

Verne thank you for the reply…actually for about one month prior to this latest test I have been been on .25 Armidex once a week…my dosage of 400mg test didnt change…did I screw up by taking 1.5 Armidex the last two days…my Armidex comes in .25 pills so I took 6 on Saturday and 6 yesterday…I’m new to all this and just trying to find my sweet spot as they say. Thanks for taking the time to answer my concerns.

No as high as your E2 was .5mg every injection should be close

But get your trt and e2 tested two weeks after you change

So what your saying is if I’m taking weather 200 or 400 test a week still take 2 pills .25 +.25 = .5 with each injection? I assumed since my estrogen levels were so high I’d front load the Armidex…thats why I took 1.5 in consecutive days(6 pills) Do you think my estrogen will crash by front loading like i did?

I get that hit a nerve feeling in my thigh when i inject fast, push plunger down that is. You got awsome dc 250 a week, is a super level, and giving you arimedix. Testopel i though about but don’t want to have blood work done all the time , right after my blood test i up dosages for 4 months then taper and do my 150mg 5 weeks out of doc visit . Some doc want you to do pellets as they make way more money, more visits, minor surgery the clinic makes more cash. The topicals suck i was doing 90 mg daily of axiron and when i switched to 100mg cypionate felt way better.
250 milligrams a week of you notice a huge difference btween day two after shot and day 5 you might want to break up and do twice weekly 125mg. You doctor wont mind, when you buy pins get a box of 100, for 25 bucks go to drug store with script no prob i got the 23g 1 inch pins they were trying to charge me 3 bucks a pin. At pharmacy i get my trt. At those mgs hit that gym hard you make noticeable gains especially coming from 170 test level.


This is someone else’s case thread. Please create your own thread for your case and keep coming back to that one thread to keep your case in one place.

I’m new to TRT also, just started – see my thread (33 y/o in a funk…) if you can and let me know if I’m off base on anything in there. From what i can tell you know your stuff more than anything else I’ve found.

as for my protocol, based on your recommendation i asked doc about SC instead of IM (big needles make me queasy), and it was supposed to be SC, he agreed. but my syringes appear to be the smallest version of IM, just did the glute shot, then the hCG to the side of the belly for my first injections yesterday. should i be going into the VL quad as you suggest with those size needles? I’ve heard the need to “go with the grain”, what angle to you recommend if into the quad?