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Just Started TRT, First Blood Test - T and E Very High


I realize this might piss some people off who have low t problems but here’s my story: I’m 62, in great shape , been working out my whole life. I’ve been monitoring test since I turned 50, the lowest was 363 and the highest was 635 with an average TT over the 12 years of 520. I’ve felt fine but have wanted to see what I could do with levels in the high normal range.
Started t cyp 100 mgs divided twice a week sub q injections. Didn’t do the hcg or anti e. I know KS man suggests to start both but I wanted to wait and see if I needed either. ( don’t feel I need the hcg as of now and the only e related issues are sensitive nipples )
After 6 weeks my first blood test came back with tt of1493 free t 276 and estradiol 81 ! I really don’t want to stop . I’m lovin the results in the gym. Should I cut the dose ? I have access to a doctor who is on board ( he does trt himself) but it’s a long way to go see him and it’s out of pocket.


You answered your own question here. Your E2 is way too high. Dont cut your dose, just get yourself on Arimidex ASAP!


Yes, but isn’t the t totals too high also?


I guess that depends on your perspective. I want to be in the “high optimal” range. Somewhere over 1100. Its not going to cause you irreparable damage at that level. Again, I personally have been as high as 5300 total test. But, to me, the most importatn thing is how you feel.

Work on getting your E2 down, lower your dose to 150/week if you want. But the target for E2 is 22.


Just to be clear I’m only doing 50 mgs twice a week.


Don’t know why this would piss anyone off, I think you did a smart thing. How many days after your last injection was your blood test? I’d get an AI.


You can keep your total T at 1000 ng/dl. But instead of total T you should check free T. Your Free T should be at optimal level with E2 in check. Try to adjust E2 to 20 pg/ml and free T to optimal level i.e higher end of lab ranges. Your lab values depend upon the time at which they are drawn i.e if you draw next day after taking injection they would be higher.


What I meant by the piss people off comment was that I never tested below 300 and I realize people here are in that predicament. I injected on a Tuesday and had the bloods on a Thursday. I just don’t understand why the t is so high. Almost everything I’ve read is saying 100 mgs a week should put most guys 700- 900, and some might have to adjust the dose UP not down to get in that range. I took a quarter of arimidex last night, and plan on doing the 1mg per week in divided doses.


I see. Perhaps the high TT was due to the blood draw in close proximity to the injection? Due to a gradual decline of testosterone, many don’t realize that they felt bad until they get their numbers up.