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Just Started The One Day Arm Cure


...wish me luck.


good luck!


My arms feel like noodles and I still have five more rounds to go. =) This is sweet.


Could someone please explain what this "cure" is?


There are no "One Day Cures" for anything in bodybuilding.

I thought people on this site understood that.


It's where you do curls and extensions ALL DAY. Your arms will swell up from all the trauma you put on them and then reduce back to current size(hopefully) after a short period.

Don't you have a job or school or anything going on Mondays?


First of all, it's Charles Poliquin's article, and he probably understands stuff better than you. Second, I have off school for Columbus Day. Third, this is an experiment and I'm interested in seeing the results.


I understand who Charles Poliquin is and his track record. But if this method truely was effective then this would be the only way people would train ever. An adult male would only have to do it 5 or so times in his life to be sporting 20 inch arms. It just doesn't work that way.


Read it again closely...

I weep for the youth...


I wanna read this article


Poliquin says this method is only effective around once a year. And the gains decline each time around you try it.


I'm confused...read what??
What do you mean?


So how did it go?


The word that kept popping into my head throughout was "bonkers". As in "this is fucking bonkers". I don't know, my arms have never been punished like this before. At the end of it all I was able to do 5 pushups. Fresh I can do 40. It was tough, and right now my body feels like it needs to sleep and eat, so that's what I'll do.


Hell, even if he only gains 1/10th of an inch I think its worth it. Its only 1 day.

Now obviously you cant do this 10 times and gain an inch, but hell, its gotta do something right? Its quite the stimulus.


I have off school for Columbus Day.


I had today off for Columbus Day.


It's Columbus Day and I have the day off.


School is out for Columbus Day.

Maybe a typo but still funny...
Good luck...


lol man I'm very confused. Where is the typo???


That's why I weep for the youth...



tht made my night....pretty funny dude lol


You sound too stressed out. Maybe you need to have off day yourself, eh?