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Just Started Testosterone Cream. How Long Will it Take to Feel a Difference?

My doctor started me on T cream in a topi click despencer at strenght 200 mg/ml with dosage of 3 clicks which dispense .25ml. I was told to apply 2 click to by stomach and one to my scrotum. How long if ever will it take to feel a difference (been on a week and dont feel much of anything yet)? Im also injecting hcg 2 times a week at 500iu to keep my balls somewhat working. Lastly, how long does it take the bodys own production to slow down/stop once trt is started( worried about trt not working for me and my body not bouncing back to its pre trt level).

Ill let the cream guys chime in, but just to give you some perspective. Its not cocaine, effects are not instantaneous. Im on week 7 tomorrow with injections, and Im just now starting to feel something, and by that I mean I feel normal. Not like a high or a dreamy show on Netflix. Just plain ole normal. Energetic, focused, driven, and I can spot a pair of tits jiggling towards me from a mile away. Thats just me though. It takes time for it to enter your bloodstream and make noticeable changes. For example, PTSD is a delayed reaction to stress hormones being released into the bloodstream. So lets say you witnessed something horrific, the PTSD that comes later is a result from what happened weeks earlier. Hope that makes sense

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It’s different for everyone, having about the same SHBG as you do, I feel the effects of testosterone pretty quick, when I tried Axiron and Androgel together the effect was almost immediate, the injections right away if using cypionate, enanthate takes 2 hours.

The receptor sensitivity will have a large impact on how long it takes for TRT to work, CAG repeat lengths (receptor sensitivity) will determine if sexual function is achievable or how fast you recover sexual function.

I usually see men back on the forums complaining of a return of low testosterone symptoms about 3-4 weeks after initiating TRT. I stopped TRT after two and a half years and had no problems getting my natural testosterone back up and going.

All with no special drugs or fancy restart protocols. The fact that you’re already talking about quitting before you start TRT doesn’t bode well. Guys that talk like this usually quit without giving TRT a chance.

TRT is not always easy, sometimes you have to spend the time to figure things out and make it work.

Thanks for your wisdom guys, I guess i will give trt a 3 month trial period ( just hope if thing dont work out that my own T level will come back to where it was prior to treatment).

@ncsugrad2002 has used cream if I remember correctly

Yeah, it def works if you get the good stuff. Empower makes a 20% verabase cream, slather it on your balls and prepare to be a hairy mess. 3 clicks (150mg) a day had me at 1500+ Total T (maxed the test version I used) and 38 Free T, so pretty high.

No shots was nice but having to apply it 2x a day was a little annoying. I switched back to 3x a week shots after my wife’s T levels came back pretty high. I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t from me.

ncsugrad2002 did you do 1.5 clicks in the morning and 1.5 in the evening or what was the protocol? I am using the empower cream pictured below and was curious if that what they put you on. How much did the cream raise your dht and e2? Is there a large benefit to twice a day application as i currently do all 3 clicks in the morning and was curious if a split dose would be better( i have low shbg). Lastly, did the treatment work best with all cream applied to the scrotum?

I did 2 clicks AM, 1 PM

E2 was 73 but I don’t have any results from being on injections to compare to so I’m not sure what difference it made compared to injections. For 1500+ TT that e2 isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

I didn’t have dht tested but I’m sure it was through the roof. I really wish I would have had it done though. I def got hairier and had acne on my face and back

I only went a week of consistently twice a day and noticed no difference but again was only a week. My e2 climbed when I first started and was put on an an AI that crushed it. I tapered off the AI and I was fine for the rest of my time on cream. If I had left it alone it probably would have worked itself out. My dht was 286 if I remember correctly, so about 3x the top of the range. I was on 160mg daily of the cream for reference.

Gotcha. Yeah sounds about right. At one point I tried putting it on the back of my knees instead of scrotum and I actually felt pretty good that way, I think it helped get my dht down a little bit which probably wasn’t a bad thing given how high it can get on this stuff.

Given I used to take finasteride I always wondered if I react to dht weirdly now or anything since I had so little for so long. I’ve tried proviron and masteron and neither really had any noticeable effects

This is what I was talking about, 3 months is not always enough time because the maximum benefits take at least a year provided you don’t have any other medical problems preventing you from getting better.