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Just Started Test and I Have Questions

to make a long story short i started test 3 weeks ago. my doctor said my T levels were low. how low i’m not sure. But since i’ve been reading this site i’m going to learn to read lab work. Just real quick about me, 5 years ago i was seriously over weight. I was 270 lbs and im 5’10" and i was 32 year old.

I started working out and running. I ran more then I weightlifted and drop my weight down to 220. then i got a divorce and didnt feel like eating and dropped another 20 pounds. I lost muscle my legs shrunk and so did my arms. anyway moving forward i’m 37 years old 3 weeks ago i was at 216 and i started my injections of .08ml of test per week. I started going to the gym and of course started running.

My diet isn’t all that great. I eat 2 to 1 times a day, and I cut my sugars, and bread intake. On the day of my 3rd shot i noticed i was feeling so much better. but my concern is my extra weight gain of 10 pounds since i started test, could it be some part muscle and part water weight. the amount of my injections will it help me grow muscle. What else should i be taking to help lower my weight, along with diet and working out.

We’re lh and fsh tested prior to trt?

Go to the doctors and get a copy of your labs and post them here