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Just Started TBT


First off, let me apologize if anyone is offended by my dome being in these pics. I didn't want to bother learning how to crop.

Having completed WM, ABBH I & II, AofW and SOB, I decided to try out TBT... probably doing CW's programs assbackwards, but that tends to be the way I do MOST things. I just started it on Monday with a few minor mods in an attempt to bring up a couple specific areas that I wanted to address. Thanks to X, Matgic and others whose feedback on my other thread compelled me to take a pretty detailed look at things.

I figured that starting a new program would be a good time to change up a few other things as well. I re-introduced creatine (which I haven't used in about 18+ mos.) into my supp. regimen; opened up a new bottle of Alpha Male that I've been staring at since the end of Oct., and upping cals a bit. We'll see what happens. Thanks again to everyone for all of the very valuable feedback on my other thread.


one more


Man ! Talk about wheels! You look very solid, keep up us updated with the program.


Clean up that filthy mess of a gym, son. I'm surprised that your momma hasn't given you a beating!


Thanks, Phil. I've really enjoyed all of CW's programs. I just wish I would have found them earlier on in my training.


I'm curious as to what your exercise selection looks like. Looking good!


Damn, you look awesome.

What is up with your calves? One looke higher than the other.


I think you'll really enjoy TBT and will continue to make great gains. Keep up the great work and man, you're definitely looking shredded.
Great job,


Zap, he's got one knee bent (I think)


Donut62...I'm pretty much going with the movements that are outlined in the spreadsheet that alot of people here are familiar with. A couple changes, not many though. I am thinking about adding a fourth day to specifically address a couple areas that I want to bring up, which I'm sure would prompt CW to shake his head. Plus, I need to get to the gym on Sunday mornings because my family would kill me in my sleep if I didn't. Thanks for the feedback.


you should be the poster boy of CW workout routines. i have not seen anyone, next to Caveman, look so ripped as a T-Nation reader using T-Nation routine.

i'll be starting TBT next week. you have completely my weak ass to get to it. nice work.

good lifting.


Thanks, Zap, I appreciate it...like conwict said, my right leg is bent a bit.


Thanks, Dan. To be honest, I'm not sure where I want to go with my body at this point, but I do know that there are a couple of areas that I want to focus on. BTW, your thread is one of the best on the site as far as I'm concerned. I check it on a regular basis.


Good job bro!

Care to post the chosen exercises of your TBT-Routine, since I'm in my 3rd week I'm just curious.


Thanks, lifter82...I'm really happy with the results I've gotten from CW's programs...simple/unbelievably efficient, yet taxing as hell. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow morning.