Just Started Taking M1-T

I took my first cap of M1-T. What can i expect over the next 2 weeks in terms of gains and side effects?
Should I stay on for 2 weeks and ake 4 off or 3 on and 4 off?

Could you provide a little more info, such as dosage level, body weight, years training, ect? Also, are you taking M1T because of availability? The reason I ask is that it is very toxic to your liver, so you may as well just get your hands on some real test and shoot it, better gains and less liver toxicity. Just my $0.02.

Your gain will depend on your diet and training. If they are lacking, then don’t expect to gain much. Be sure to have something on hand for PCT as well. It may not be needed for only 2 weeks on, but it’s a good idea to have it just in case.