Just Started T3 Nitro

well i’m 16, and i just took my first dose of this. i’m supposed to take 6 before i go to bed. so it’s an anabolic, anti-catabolic fromula. it’s used to maximize natural testosterone. i talked to the guy at gnc, and he looked around 18/19, and uses it.

he said the only side effects are enlarged prostate, but only for older men, and a crazy ass sex drive. is it dangerous for me to take this, or just a heightened risk of something. if you guys think it’s dangerous for me to be taking them, i will stop.

I’m sure you are going to get a lot of mean replies from pricks yelling at you for taking it. But the bottom line is it’s probably not unsafe, it just won’t work. I wouldn’t believe anything anyone who works at GNC says. They aren’t very knowledgable and it seems like what they do know they got from an advertisement in Muscle and Fiction.

I’d try to take it back, if that isn’t possible I guess you might as well take it since you bought it. But next time just concentrate on getting some protein. At yuor age you already have high test levels

yeah that’s ok. oh well. it’s fair game for the pricks to yell at me for making a stupid choice. i’ll stick with my protein shakes from now on haha.

That sucks that you just wasted 30+ bucks.

for one, you’re 16 years old, you have enough testosterone in ya for now.

  1. you could’ve bought about 4 bottles of ZMA from here for the cost of that stuff since they both contain the same minerals, Zinc and Magnesium, along with vitamin B6.

  2. you’re 16! just fucking eat more often

Don’t mess up your body poetentially by taking that stuff. The worst that can happen is a lot more of a draw back of what can be good.

yeah i was wondering if it’ll do any long term effects with my age. could me body stop producing testosterone because of it? it’s natural too. i’ve read some reviews about it, and most of them say it did help, and this is on forums so it’s not the company speaking.

It’s too early at 16, you don’t need it and you’re messing up your metabolism.

  1. i work at GNC and i think im very knowledgable. yes alot of the things we learn are from the binder from gnc, but i work with a nutritionist. thats where i learned my stuff. i know whats best and i also know what makes me the most money. and T3 is not one of them. we dont make nething on it. and its an ok product.
    but ur FUCKING 16! what do u need testosterone for?!?!?!

2.if i were the sales guy i would have laughed in ur face for looking at testosterone. then shown u ZMA, cuz thats boosts ur t a lil naturally. and lots of protein and carbs.

altho ive taken M1-T and im 18 and i bought Red-Kats but only reason is cuz it was close dated cuz Biotest doesnt make it nemore. so i got it for 8.95 :smiley:

Used it, did nothing except emptied the wallet, and gave some really really bad acne. Used TRIBEX with ZMA and had clear skin and huge strength gains. Don’t use T3, Anavol, or Aminovol. This company is garbage. Used them and they don’t work. Biotest works, and will cost you less.

“You’re a teenager so your testosterone levels are already high.”

I hear this blanket statement all the time. Who started this dogma?

Sure your test levels are highest at that age compared to when your older (relatively speaking), but it doesn’t mean ever teenager has high testosterone!

As with all physiological variables there is a spectrum from low to high in a population. Some teenagers have low testosterone and it gets even lower as they age. I’m sure everyone can think of a “low testosterone” kid they went to highschool with.

You can’t assume this 16 year old already has high test levels. Do I think he should take a testosterone booster? No, as he’s most likely not finished developing and artificially alterating any natural homeostatis at that age is probably not a smart thing to do.

The male body produces the equivalent of a minor steroid cycle during puberty. If a teen is not producing a higher level, and not as a result of diet or exercise, then that teen may need to see a doctor, not take a supplement.

Also these supplements only take a person to what is called high normal, which practically all healthy teen males already exceed. It will have little if any effect, kind of like watering the lawn during a downpour.

As far as the supplement working or not, it looks like they are attempting to throw everything they could into this thing. It is like ZMA, Old TRIBEX, RED KAT, M, all mixed together, and then a whole bunch of other crap tossed in, you know, just in case. Funny thing is there ain?t enough room for all that shit in only 6 capsules.

I’m going to have to go against the grain on this one. I think it’s a good product, but you’re to young to need or really benefit from it at all.
I personally know at least 3 three people all who train regularly and pretty seriously (one of whom has been lifting hard for over 15 years). And they all bought it again after running 1 bottle.