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Just Started Second Cycle

hey T Nation! im texassize, im new to the forum and just started my 2nd cycle. i just wont to get some feed back and opinions from the best so i came here. so first and formost thanks in advanced for the info and im new here so plz let me know if im fuckin up so i can try to fix it…

stats: 28yo 6feet 175lbs 8%bf lifting off and on from high school and starting my 2nd cycle, 1st cycle was 4 weeks dboll 50mg/ed test e 12 weeks 500mg/ew…no pct at age 17…(i didnt know anything about shit back then)great cycle gained 25lbs and lost it, most of it after 3 months

alright im not sure how this will pan out, just did 4th pin today

week 1-4 anadrol 100mg/ed with proveron 50mg/ed
week 1-12 test sust 350mg/ml… half cc EOD
week 1-12 nolva 10mg/ed
PCT; climid 50/50/25/25 nolva 20/20/10/10

A.I on hand

i have mastoron and winny i will add in later, im not sure how much yet…

Just run nolva 40/40/20/20

Im not here to tell people not to run gear. If your of reasonable age and you know all the risk and rewards then i think your more than capable to make your own choices. A lot if people will say just run test solo for second cycle etc and i do agree with them there is hood reasons for it but hey if this is what you want go for it just do its responsibly.

As far as the anadrol that seem to be a pretty general dose. If your body handles it well from what i hear its a great drug.

Well your already running adrol at the beginning id usually reccomend winny at the end altho thats gonna mean a good bit of your 12 weeks on orals. If you do run winny at the end i would suggest keeping it to the last 4 weeks at 50mg/day that way your liver gets a break for the in between time.

Mast is great to run with winny altho it might be a but overkill (unless your stepping on stage you can get what you are looking for from one or the other) my suggestion would be hold the winny and run the mast or hold the mast and run the winny. If you run the mast there have been some threads about its benefits at low doses but i believe the standard is 400-600 mg/week