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Just Started My First Cycle


I am 23, I'm on TRT (TT levels at about 350 BEFORE testosterone injections). I am injecting myself in my thigh. My prescribed dose is 100mg/week. I was on TRT about a year ago and then realized I had a hyperthyroidism so I was taken off the test temporarily. I had refilled a prescription of test and had a bunch of 200mg vials from that refill that were never used. I am 6'4'' 210 lbs, not sure what my body fat is but it's fairly low ( I can see abs but I've still got a little bit of a spare tire). I've been lifting seriously since I was 17ish years old. My diet is great. I eat all clean foods, no junk food. All whole grains, lean protein, etc. I aim for about 300-350g of protein per day, and cut the carbs out later in the day.

Basically I have enough testosterone cypionate to do an 8 week (I could MAYBE stretch it out to 10 weeks if I can find a 10 ML vial for my next refill) 300mg/week cycle. I realize ideally I would do 500mg/week for 12 weeks, but I don't have a source so I'm working with what I've got. As far as PCT I'm going to do the test taper method. My endo will readily prescribe me anastrozole (spelling? the generic arimidex) and/or clomid if necessary. I was already on clomid for about 2 months before he put me on test.

I'm injecting 200mg every 4-5 days, which is basically the equivalent of 300mg/week. Just looking for your thoughts. What should I notice and when should I start noticing things. I've been on 100mg/week for 3 weeks and my energy/mood is way up, and I just did my first injection for my cycle yesterday.

Basically its going to look like this.
Weeks 1-3 - 100mg/wk
Weeks 4-12 - 300mg/wk
Weeks 13-til my doc takes me off TRT - 100mg/wk.

PCT - Taper
Ancillary - Prescription as needed

Again, just looking for input and what I should expect. I'm looking to gain 5-10 lbs of muscle or so.


here's a pic of my back, it's the only one I have on this comp for now.


I would imagine a gain of 5-10 lbs is probable, even on a low dose.

I might suggest increasing the dose to 400 mg/week and shortening the cycle to six weeks, but this is largely a personal bias.

Since your goals are modest and your assets limited, you would be fine either way.

It may also be wise to obtain such ancillaries BEFORE you actually need them, if at all possible. Some endocrinologists operate more flexibly than others, and some are more willing to give out ancillaries at the first subjective signs of any issue.

Good luck


If you got limited supplies, I suggest you go with 8 weeks with 300mg EW.
My first cycle was Test Cypionate 300mg/EW, and I had great results (note: im not on TRT).


If you're on TRT now, why the PCT? Just go back to your 100 mg/week. If you're taking an AI you should probably increase it on the cycle. If not, you should be.

Arimidex is not for PCT, it is an AI that you should be using on the cycle.


if you read my post, that's exactly what I said I'm doing for PCT. And yes I know Arimidex is not for PCT, I never said it was. I said I can get that prescribed to me if symptoms occur AKA its an ancillary drug...


Yeah 300mg/week for 8 weeks is pretty much what I'm doing. I calculated it out and 300mg per week is the equivalent of 200mg every 4.6 days (or something like that, dont remember the exact calcs). And I have a bunch of small 200mg vials, so that's the reason for injecting 200mg at a time and not 150mg 2x per week. So I figure 200mg every 4-5 days (aka one time I'll do it the 4th day after injection, and the next I'll do it the 5th, then the 4th, etc...) is the equivalent of 300mg/week.

But very encouraging to hear that you had great results with the same exact cycle. When did you start really noticing the effects? Thanks for the input. If I'm at week 6-8 and I'm loving the results then I'm going to do everything in my power to try and stretch it out a few more weeks (like suspiciously refill my prescription earlier than I should).


Arimidex should not be considered an "ancillary" drug - it is typically used as an integral part of any cycle that uses a large dose of an aromatizing agent. Have you been tested for E2 as part of your normal TRT? Realize that even if your levels were not high before the increased test doseage, they will most likely be now. AIs are used as preventative before any symptoms occur.


Well I have no access to it unless i get a prescription. So my plan is to call him in a week or 2 and complain of estrogen related symptoms and then hopefully he will give me a prescription of anastrozole. He flat out told me, call me if you notice your testicles getting smaller and I'll put you on HCG, so that's a plus