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Just started meltdown- should I do cardio?

I just began meltdown I training today. Holy christ that is hard! I am going to train as recommended, workouts on back to back days, then repeated sometime later in the week for a total of four workouts in a week. My question is this: should I be doing any cardio on the off days between workouts? My goal is to lose that last pinch of fat on my lower abs, and I am on a restricted calorie diet until I finish the meltdown. What have you fellow meltdowners done in the way of cardio?

Um, doesn’t the article already say to jump rope on off days?

Interval rope jumping. In the beginning of the article there is a whole list of the negative/positives of aerobic and anaerobic training. That’s what you are meaning by “cardio”, you’re meaning “aerobic exercise” - right?