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Just Started Lifting 2 Months Ago


I started lifting in Mid April 2011.
My starting Stats:

July 20, 2011

Ive been doing a modified version of Rippetoes, meaning instead of 3x5 im doing it 5x5, and maybe why im not progressing in some areas the way I should. I found that my bench lacks, and I have had missed workouts, but im still trucking trying to complete another 12 weeks on this program.

I have never lifted not even in school. A little history if it matters, I have always been skinny in highschool I weighed 135 at 17 I graduated boot camp for the Army at 153lbs, and up untill I was 23 I stayed in the 155-160lb range. I started working for a beer company moving beer cases and kegs around and now at 31 im 235lbs.

My caloric intake right now is roughly 3700 calories because im trying to put on somemore weight and add strenght at the same time for another 12 weeks.

So my question is since this program is working thus far in adding weight to me and seems to be good weight because my BF% has dropped from 23% to 18%. I am looking for suggestions of a good program to reduce even more bodyfat to get a better looking body. Id like to get myself up to about 250lb and then cut my bodyfat down to the low teens. Even if it means dropping my body weight down to 200 i dont care, i just want more muscle less fat. What most of us want.

Any suggestions?


Stick it out.

Consistency is key to progress.

And its working.


I'm looking on my sd cards from my camera to add some pictures, I know how you all like comparison pictures, as do I.

JFG: I plan on sticking it out brother, I feel good doing it.


You want muscle?

Stop "planning" and set goal. No body gets anywhere with wishy washy attitude.

Your past has nothing to do with your future. Do the work outs and we will talk again in 12 weeks.

Don't worry about fat reduction right now. Just lift heavy, eat lots and get plenty of rest.


your numbers sound pretty solid for your stats and for 2 month progress.

you could eat slightly less if you want to drop body fat faster but again 23 -> 18 in 2 months is very very fast. Don't get impatient. You seem to be doing things right. Just keep at it.


I upped my calories because, the program guide said 3000-5000 calories a day. I don't have any cardio per say, however I am running up and down stairs pretty much 12 hours a day delivering beer. I think I may not have been eating enough before and my body was storing the fat because of that.


10-4 I'll try and keep you guys posted on progress.
Thanks for the motivation


First port of call is to cut out all sugar (including fruit and juices) and up you green veggies and healthy fats