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Just Started Hard Body Training for Women


I am just starting the hard body training workout for women workout. I have 3 questions.

  1. Ive not worked in this rep range on squats before. I have already large assets- hourglassy type figure, and do not want it to get bigger. I would like to drop a about 2 pant sizes overtime actually. Do i need to worry about it getting larger during this workout? Looking to get more cut and athletic looking.

  2. The second is in relation to running. I have been running my whole life currently i have been doing 2 days of 45 minutes and 3 20 minutes sessions of HITT a week. Id like to keep my running in for enjoyment. i get grumpy and feel lost when i dont run. At the max how much could i keep in without it being detrimental?

  3. Power clean from the hang- I want to make sure i am doing it right and get some assistance from a friend before i incorporate heavy weight into it. In the meantime i wanted to do a alternate. I was thinking of doing 2 handed kettle ball swing overhead. If you have any suggestions to follow i would appreciate it.

Thank you very much,