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Just started fat to fire, 2 ?'s


Question 1: I have to train at night due to my schedule, I go 3-4 hours after my last meal per the instuctions. However do the GPP workout still acomplish the same thing?

Question 2: What to eat before bed? I get done working out about 10:00 get 2:1 or 3:1 c:P right after workout, then hit the sack at 11:ish with 40g whey. Any help?


At roughly what time are you training -does it start around 7pm?

Please let me know and I will try to help.

In faith,

Coach Davies


I've been hitting the gym around 9-9:30, getting home right around 10:00 and having a post workout shake, then whey before bed.

I'm on day 4 of the program and its kicking my ass! I proceeded this with a strength cycle so all the volume is a huge change. Thanks for any help


what time do you get up in the morning - you getting full sleep?

I would suggest that the following days GPP is extremely important but need to ensure you are sleeping well.

In faith,

Coach Davies


I've done the GPP portions the same time I do the normal workouts, its the only way I can get a decent amount of sleep (i'm a bit of an insomniac but didnt like the side effects of med's my doc gave me)

so basicly 3 days a week I eat at about 6:00 then lift at 9-9:15, and the days following lifting I eat at 6:00 and do the GPP about 9:30. If it would be more effective should I do the GPP the morning after lifting?


just a bump to see if Davies can help me some more


I would do it the morning after you lift, given your sleep patterns.

In faith,

Coach Davies