Just Started Deadlifting

After 2 years of serious lifting and never having done a deadlift i finally did my second day of deadlifts today and i gotta say they are amazing. I never did them before because no one gave me advice on my form and i would always arch my back but now ive been practicing and i think my form is prtty good, needless to say im only using 10kg on both sides of the bar but its a start haha.

Must not have been very serious lifting then ;D Welcome aboard, hope you never stop learning.

Yea when I finally discovered deadlifting it was a happy day as well! It took me a long time to get anything resembling good form but i think even more than the squat neural gains make up the bulk of your apparent strength gains when you start. Keep with it and the weights will progress ever upwards!

i was prtty serious even though i didnt do that ONE exercise i realize how important it is now in order for me to get bigger but i have been following a serious diet/workout for a long time now and my bench has gone up from 55lbs to 225lbs, and now just got done with an 8 week shoulder program and for the rest of summer/year im going to be focusing on my back and shoulders.

Remember it will be harder to do pulls with 10kg plates because they are a lot smaller, so you are doing deficit pulls.

If i were you, i would set up the weight in a rack and set the pins so you pull from normal 20kg plate height, this will also make it a lot easier to get your form right.

I would say keep at it, and also try to get your squat strength up too, they really can help shoot your numbers up. I have a similar experience with deadlifts. I started lifting about a year ago, tried deadlifts once at the start. Then I lifted for a year, without deadlifts but with squats. When I tried the deadlift again about 6 weeks ago it went up by 100+ lbs without any real deadlift practice. Just my experience

At the gym im going at the 10kgplates are actually the same size as the 20kg plates so i have been using those but yea i definitly know what you mean i tried the 5kg plates that are small and i had to set pins up

Nice work man, after your form is dialed in and you start packing on the plates you’ll appreciate 'em ten times more. Seriously, nothing comes close to hitting you hard all over, not even the squat. Good luck with it.

Its easier with 135 cuz the 45 lbs plates bring it higher off the ground. Work yer way up to 135 lbs fast but dont hurt yourself.

[quote]beeph wrote:
Its easier with 135 cuz the 45 lbs plates bring it higher off the ground. Work yer way up to 135 lbs fast but dont hurt yourself.

He already mentioned he had Olympic plates so they are all the same size.