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Just Started Box Squat, Critique Please


I just started doing box squats, so the weight is nothing impressive. Would like some insights on what I'm doing wrong. If necessary, different angles can be provided.

btw, I know height is slightly above parallel. I have/had the problem of falling down the last inch or so (weak hamstrings?). My intention is to work on that (lower the box) once my current form is ok.



It's not so bad, and with practice it will improve alot more. I'd like to see you sit back more on the box and relax the legs completely before the lift. In the vid you touch it and stop but there is still alot of tension in your thighs and you are still leaning forward quite a bit. If you sit back and ease up the tension you'll get more out of it. Also, your shins are pretty close to vertical but you can get them more upright if you practice. On the box you can really work on this.

You do tend to just fall into the hole. It looks like you just aren't comfortable hitting depth. Working your way to a lower box and forcing yourself to get low should help but don't neglect free squats or you may develop the habit of letting the box stop you and not thinking about depth (just waiting for the box and losing tightness).


Knee's out harder and sit back more. Your hamstrings a weak and that is why you are leaning forward so much/falling onto the box. Also, you are pushing off the middle of your foot when you come off the box (again because your hamstrings are weak).

Keep the weight on your heels and explode through them when you come off the box. It looks like you are doing a leg press when you come off the box. You'll know/feel you are doing it right when it starts looking like a deadlift.

Try a higher box for a few weeks and slowly work it down to parallel only if your form is perfect on a higher box.


I'm indeed leaning forward, simply to prevent dropping on the box. Is it OK to lean forward on the descent & go to a more vertical posture once you'r on the box? Or should the upper body angle stay the same from top to bottom?

Any idea how I can get more strength in my hamstrings? Besides normal deadlifts, I'm also doing some RDL's as assistance ex for hamstrings, but having difficulties to really hit them hard (feeling it more in my calves for some reason). I realize more is not always good, but at the moment my recovery is fine.

Thanks for your input so far, appreciate it.


Push your knees out to the side there a bit more mate. Other than that, your look to me like you have the bar too high, and too wide a grip, drop it an tighten your back and stomach up. Also, if you are gonna squat, squat low, I know you mentioned you will lower it once you are ok with this height, but you would be better just to get on with it now, stretching youre hip flexors will help too.


i agree with the push your knees out and start with a higher box. i would also say do good mornings or use a safety squat bar if u have one to strengthen your mid and upper back, just be careful squatting at home alone, i sucks having to dump a weight and risk injury.


hamstring exercises:

swiss ball leg curl
sumo sldl
gm (more so if you put plate under front of foot)
back extension with slight knee bend
band leg curls
dimel deadlifts
reverse hyper

that should keep ya busy for a while