Just Started at the Gym, How Long to Gain Weight for a Beginner

Hello, so basically ive been at the gym now for about 3 weeks, im pretty dedicated, i believe my diet is good but any suggestions on how to improve it is fantastic.

Weight : 75kg (in other words im not that stacked when it comes to meat haha)
Bf : 10%
Height : 5ft 11
Age : 22
Diet :
Meal 1 : 3 eggs, 100g oats, protien shake
Meal 2 : chicken breast, brown rice/pasta
Meal 3 : protien bar
Meal 4 : chicken breast, brown rice/pasta/noodles and brocolli
Meal 5 : protien shake with my session
Meal 6 : chicken breast, brown rice, brocolli/sparragis (how ever you spell it)
Meal 7: 100g oats

Working out for about 45/1 hour a day 6 times a week, basically im just wondering if theres anything i can do to improve and the most important question of all, ive spoke to a fair few of my mates about starting a test cycle but they all say you dont need to because you will gain the same amount just starting anyway as its the point when you gain the most (at the beginning of starting to gym) is this true? How much could i possibly gain? I have a holiday in 8 weeks which is why i wanted to start the test! I dont feel i will look any different in any way shape or form with that space of time.

Any advise is greatly apreciated, thanks!!

even with the test, you’re not experienced enough yet for it to do any good. For the record - I’m pro-steroids, but trust me; you’re not there yet. Nowhere near.

And there is nothing you can do in the first few weeks of starting the gym that’ll make you look significantly different in 8 weeks unless you started out hyper-morbidly obese and starved your way to massive weight loss.


Your diet is miserably low in fats and vegetables. This is a good way to feel like shit. Lots of people get in shape not eating veg (although it’s not a practice I’d ever recommend) but the fats thing is important. Ideally you would eat vegetables every meal but some people just can’t be convinced.

Sub out the chicken for beef every once in a while, cook in good quality oils (not sunflower oil or any horrible processed shit like that - use olive oil) and eat more whole eggs. An avocado or two a day wouldn’t hurt either.

Also, that 100g of oats meal in meal 7 needs a protein source. Have protein with every meal.

Follow that advice, give it 5 years and see where you end up. Yes; I am entirely serious about that timeframe. You have your whole life to look jacked on holiday, but it’s not going to happen in 8 weeks.


Also, I’m not wild about the working out 6 days a week thing, but if you are enjoying it then there’s worse ways to spend your time.

It’s asparagus.


Thanks for the advise, really apreciate it! So what other foods could i throw into that to get my fats up? Ive added a couple of peanut butter wholemeal sandwitches into my daily diet & should i eat more whole eggs in meal 1? ive counted my fats and they are 90g! I thought thats more than enough no? Also my diets working out to have more carbs than protien, is that an issue? Also… i wasnt hoping to look like superman in 8 weeks, i know its an extremely slow process, but atleast have a small bit of shape to me you know. & really to see opinions on having the best gains when you first start?

Focus on getting a foundation of strength with the main compound lifts.

As above, 6 days a week not great for a beginner, focus on hitting it really hard 3-4 days a week( can do one HIIT cardio session on off days). This a good 4 day template…