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Just Started Advanced GVT


What's up everyone.

I just started Advanced GVT today after hearing good things about it and I wanted to get your opinion on something. Here's the link in case you want to check it out: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/advanced_german_volume_training

CP recommends to do 10 sets of 5 for your main exercise and as you get to the final sets, you should be at a point to where you can barely even get all 5 reps or maybe even get only 3-4.

So today I was doing chest/back and I was doing incline BB press and I was able to do 10 sets of 5 reps rather easily with the weight I chose. Even at the end it wasn't all that tough. I felt it a little bit, but I definitely know I could have done more. I wasn't sure what to start with and I ended up guessing wrong.

If I base the remainder of the program on these numbers, I have a feeling the whole thing is going to be way too easy. So do you all think I should start over from the beginning next week and increase the weight (basically do the same workout as today but just up the weight on the BB incline) or should I just keep following it and go up even higher than what's recommended next week and get on track from there?

I'd like to hear some opinions from those of you that have done this program.



Hi, no offence, but that's pretty common sense really - just adjust the sets as you go along (add weight till it feels like you're working hard) or at least start heavier next time. If the later sets still feel "easy" (i.e. reps aren't dropping off or slowing down), add 5-10lbs, if the set after still feels easy, add another 5lbs and so on.

Try not to be "boxed in" so much with your thinking; making your muscles grow depends on increasing stimulus and plenty food - they aren't going to go on strike because you got some formula slightly wrong :slightly_smiling:


I wouldnt sweat it the training split is actually a very small part of the puzzle compared to other things you should be worrying about


Thanks for the responses guys. That's what I figured, but just having never gone through this particular program, I didn't know how much of a difference it would make due to the fact that the rest of the program basically relies on percentages from the first one. But yeah I'll just increase the weight next week until it feels harder.


Keep to those numbers, after a couple of weeks the program is going to get very hard and your body will feel like its been hit by a truck