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Just Started 100mg Cyp - Need Guidance and Reassurance


I got it on amazon. And no, no T3/T4. This was largely based on temperatures which has kind of been squashed as a symptom.


Yah that’s not good enough.

I need to find help. I wonder if saya and team help win this.


Have you had SHBG checked? Reason I ask is that mine was super high and some guys @systemlord and @highpull recd higher than 100mg weekly for me. Just curious. You’ve been commenting on my thread and I just found yours. I’m constantly trying to learn more as I start this journey


Well I did not , but my free T was super high on 160 or so a week. I believe That means it is low


Spoke to my doc today. He said that after 6-8 weeks of trt I should find some benefit. He says that he usually starts suspecting thyroid or some trace mineral issues that are causing me to be fatigued. No matter how much t j take , this other issue will continue to cause issues. Also stated that Trt can help stabilize other endocrin issues, but that hasn’t happened for me.

He told me to start the Tri-iodine with Salinium and vitamin d for two weeks. He noted that men with Low iodine issues usually start feeling better in days with a 12.5 mg dosage. If not, he will probably take a more direct approach. I’m also taking a full thyroid panel in the coming week or two. 12.5 wont fix the issue only lessen the side effects. If that happens we know iodine is the key ingredient I’m missing. Hopefully that’s all…

I’ll keep this updated as I take iodine supplements and I will be very excited if this damn fatigue lessens.

Can’t think, can’t focus, energy is low.


Switching to a new doc Monday: in person end of month and will start receiving his prescriptions. I’ve been told by a few gurus that I most likely need to increase my dosage. I did so thursday and since friday I’ve had my labido come back and I feel better overall. Not fixed by any means. But a noticeable difference compared to the Last 6-7 weeks. I increased by 10mg eod.

I have found a few answers in regards to my health and situation.

I started Suboxone (opiate) 3 years ago. I found an article where they had a study or experiment…they started by saying that men in this medicine all experience lack of labido and there t levels drop.

During the experiment they gave all these men Testasterone for a year. Every man experienced benefit. No issues with resistance.

They stated that after a few months on TRT allot of men needed less Suboxone dosage for the same effect pre trt. I found same to be true on boards where numerous men states the same after they started.

They also stated that Suboxone does not effect the thyroid. They could not find any negative issues in that region: they did state that many of the men had elevated TSH and that was not a good indicator because there thyroid was fine. Instead they suggested checking another marker to see if thyroid was having issues. I forgot the name will have to find it.

By the end of this experiment they found a higher percentage of men had dropped or quit the Suboxone vs the other group that was only on Suboxone.

For me this is great news. I can rest easy that most likely I’m not suffering from any other issues due to this medicine and normal TRT will work done I’m dialed in.

I also now know why my TSH levels are so high. I’m still checking my thyroid next week though.

Next find is about estrogen on Suboxone. @NH_Watts Suboxone lowers estrogen in men and that’s probably why my levels are always in the20s. I’ll know more next blood test. But that makes sense and answers the why. Now how to let it fluctuate normally… because I don’t want to have bad joints for years to come. I woke up today and again my knees hurt. I did read that many lower there dosage in Suboxone and they feel better in trt . So that’s my goal in the coming weeks and months. I’m in 4mg a day:. I want to get down to 1mg a day.

Lastly; i will probably feel way better in trt and therefore need less Suboxone to substitute. I will probably find the energy to quit and live a healthy drug free life.




This is interesting stuff. I was looking at My lab test from a month ago, and shows total t serum in NG/DL but free T in PG/L.

Follow me here.

When I search the web we find some sources that report free t in Pg and others in NG.

If I took my free t and converted to PG I’m below the standard range. Meaning my free t isn’t optimized but my total is. There both reported in different units.

If my Free t was converted from pg/l to NG/dL it would be super low at 2.5.

With this pg/l range my free t should be between 50 and 250 in pg/l via one source I found.

Another source says 5-12 NG/dL … if I convert my free t from pg/l to NG/dL it is 2.5…

Does this conversion make sense to everyone. Is this just an over read on my part or Am I right and my free t is below normal.

I say this because my call today with the doc was eye opening and he pointed this out. If I convert my PG/L to NG/DL I have low free t. He says this is why I’m still suffering.


Here is another source that shows its way off.


@charlie12 @bmbrady77 @systemlord @NH_Watts @hrdlvn


One other piece of information I will share with y’all…

I was also told today that the scrotul cream is great because men do not experience issues with e2… somehow it keeps it in check and the body doesn’t go off creating e2 similar to an injectable testasterone. Another source who switched to the cream said the same. Lastly, it’s much more stable in levels when dosed…

One has to dose twice daily . For me I have to inject daily if I stay on cypionate. Switching to cream twice daily is much easier. Takes jsut a second and done. I am going to start this Saturday after I meet him in person friday.


T cream on the balls will tripple your DHT. Be ready for that.
High DHT has a rep for increasing hair loss

It is my understanding that trying to measure Free T is very hard because it fluctuates so much during the day. Most labs calculate Free T and don’t try to measure it. For the most accurate Free T you need your Albumin, TT and SHGB.



Interesting. Ok I’ll do that.


See how you do on the Cream, but for a lot of guys it’s takes a lot higher concentration to get the same level of absorbed T into the body. Also, the ability of your skin to absorb the cream can be diminished over time. Couple all of that with the fact that the creams and gels are WAY more expensive (or so I’ve read) and it just doesn’t make sense for all.

Let us know how it goes.

I agree that the conversion shows that you could go higher to get Free T levels up, but I don’t understand your rationale that you have to inject Test Cyp daily to get that level? You could do 3X a week, or even 2X a week and adjust your dosage per injection, and still keep aromatasing to a minimum. The half life of Cyp will keep you pretty stable at those frequencies.


So this is not the typical andro gel. You apply it directly to the scrotum. Much better absorption from what I’ve heard.

This guy has a good video on it.




Haha yah I’ll be touching my balls twice a day: who would of thought…


@NH_Watts it was probably low e2 as you stated. I increased dosage not long ago and my damn knees don’t hurt as much. They are healing it seems. Since Sunday morning I wake up and it’s not as bad. Today was been better. Mood is also clearing up. It’s just odd that a low dose of cypionate didn’t create enough e2 in the body.


@bmbrady77 what would cause someones E to crash as well as their T? Mine was 3.2 and 122 respectively


That’s is just your body leveling out its ratio and not allowing you to become estrogen dominant. Low T will equal low E if given the chance to be natural since there isn’t a lot to aromatase. If you multiply both by 7, to get into a healthy T zone, that would put your Test at 854 and your E2 at 22.4. Its all about the ratios it seems.

Most of us don’t get E2 readings before we start TRT. Generally not in any doctors protocol because the E2 isn’t being treated.

Edit: I am not a doctor and just connecting dots here.


i had the entire panel run so i could see all of my #s across the board

is 852 and 22.4 the ideal range i should shoot for? i am not gearing up to chase numbers - just trying to get an idea of whats typically healthy (and not using flawed “normal ranges” indoctrinated by the medical community)

the ratio or spread between the two makes sense… thanks for the info