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Just Started 100mg Cyp - Need Guidance and Reassurance


Ok these are interesting results because my e2 feels high. My nipples sensitive and water retention and I can’t sleep. I literally lay there for two or three hours and then fall asleep. Some
Nights are great other nights I wake up frequently. I also got some pimples after not having any in ten years.

I realize my body is still adapting and Just listing symptoms I have.

My original e2 was 24 before starting trt. I was taking zink and another fish oil supplement. I also have some fat around the belly otherwise body is very lean. I figured since I was injecting in the fatty area my e2 might be a tad bit higher.

I don’t know how to decipher this. I feel better but nothing great

Here is my original. Problem here is that my previous test was done using a different method …


Before I started trt, I used to have hot flashes almost every single night. They all stopped when I started trt. Haven’t had one instance where I’m burning up in bed. With AC full blast. Maybe my e2 was fluctuating in the low before beginning.

@systemlord @NH_Watts


I had those before I started TRT and also when I started on a low dose of Tcyp. Once I got my dose increased they went away.


Weird I wonder why. Going to google
This. Obviously low T can’t find a specific answer.


6 weeks starting. My nipples are sensitive as F.: really sensitive today. I slept better after realizing my phone night mode wasn’t on… the blue light was having an effect on sleep. It took me 45 mins or so to sleep last night vs 2-3 hrs

Don’t put deodorant on with sensitive nipples…/ it hurts lolzzz fkkkkk



I could almost cry from relief…finally I feel better. It’s been so many years since I was able to function without having negative thoughts and mental fatigue… I still have a long way to go, but today is the day my TRT has started benefiting me. Not much but I’ll take whatever I can get.

Nipples are still very perky and sensitive. I know this will go away as many others have said. Sleep is also not great, but I do sleep well once I do fall asleep.

I also would like to mention that my acidic issues have almost disappeared. For about two years my acid was getting worse. Up to the point where my tonsils and throat were inflamed very badly. Regardless of how I ate. One week after starting my TRT it all disappeared. I guess the Hormones helped my body heal itself.

Let me add something. I cut the hcg out per jay Campbell’s suggestion. Among others in a private facebag group I joined. This is so that I can work with optimizing myself on cypionate first and then I can add hcg later and see what it does for me.

I took my last hcg Monday and I wonder if that’s why I feel better today. I only took 200iu and the boys are still normal.


Great news man.


This is great to hear man. I can’t wait to be there again. When I first started, it was life changing. Then came the Estrogen issues. Please keep doing your research and be smart about estrogen and AI’s. It’s great to hear you’re starting to feel good again. That’s a life changing great feeling. I remember that feeling.

Keep up the good work and don’t let your doctor “panic” about something and slam your treatment in some aggressive sway one way or another unless you both believe it’s truly a life threatening issue.

Wish you the best man, keep us posted!


Total agree . I figured that out after a couple weeks. I’m following the tot revolution logic . Micro dose; no ai, and etc…

I’m blessed to of found this information vs getting stuck in the trt cycle of hell.

Good luck to you as well.


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Thank you that helps :slight_smile:


Lately I have been itching like crazy. The last two or three nights it’s uncontrollable. Like I have dry skin. But I am not dry. Has anyone experienced this… every part of my body. Ears, neck, back, legs, feet, scalp, ass, stomach. Right now I’m itching as I write this…

I haven’t changed my diet, or sheets in bed. Same soaps. Same everything.

It all started the moment this Trt seems to of kicked in and I started feeling better :physically and mentally … fuk


Me. When I change my dosage. It could be the hct RBCs temporary increase.

Sometimes it just my ear. But I get it sometimes all-over like you. Esp at night

Stay the course should go away


JThanks good to know it’s common.


Guys my weekend was great… I was super psyched to feel so great starting friday, Saturday and Sunday. However late Sunday night I started feeling my depression creep back… yesterday it was horrible and today it’s bad. Is this because I stoped hcg and my natural production is shutting down. @systemlord you mentioned this to another member.:: I feel like I’m dead mentally and physically. Totally opposite of how I felt friday-Sunday…

If this is the reason why I’m feeling like this, then how long does this process take. Or how long for my body to adapt.


Minimum 6 weeks, until then your levels will be fluctuating. I’m experiencing the same thing as I’m only on my 4th week into a new protocol.


Thanks brother. It’s relieving to know I’m expericing the same as others. This forum board has saved me allot of valuable time … thanks for everything you do.


@systemlord I’m looong at the original pre trt labs. You mentioned when I started to look at this. I see there is t3 and t4 but levels are normal. Bu TSH. Is this hypo or what does this usually mean. I’ve been reading and can’t find much info that makes sense for me since I am on T

If t3 and t4 are normal wth does the thyroid have doc high numbers.