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Just Some Thoughts

I’m a junior in high school, I love this site it is pretty awesome. I have just taken up track and field and am really enjoying it. (I am also varsity golf, basketball, and football). I only came out for the letter but am really enjoying it. So my first day out and the coach thinks I’m gonna be a hell of a high jumper. This sounds like a good plan right? I’m 6’3 with a 33" vert. or so.

I have cleared 5’9 already and am looking for more, but I gotta get this technique down…anybody ever do well in high jump? Anything you could help hook me up with a idea on how to get over that sucker or something. I’ve already taken some pretty nasty scuffs to my arm and knee but am loving almost every second of it. Go to track practice, lift at lunch, and go shoot 18, livin the life eh?

The coach also wants me in javelin and trip jump, so if any of you guys every participated, I’d be pleased to hear some thoughts on how to succeed in this sport. I was also wondering if we had any Cross Canadian Ragweed fans by chance. But I hope to hear some from super track stars soon, take care all.