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Hi T-folks,

  1. First, I’m really pissed off! For yrs, I highly suspected that a certain “less famous” younger brother, who wrote a piece on ab etching “back in the day”, was the actual recipient of the procedure. Prior to the article, his abs were nowhere to be seen! All of a sudden, he kept popping up in CK undies and shit and now we’re supposed to buy a pricey book he’s written on abs. What a fraud! Without mentioning names, how many of you knew about this fake and how do you feel? Also, if it’s true he got it done, howcum we can’t use his name for fear of lawsuits? If it walks like a duck…

2. Whenever I don't get enough sleep, aside from fried nerves, my abs get really distended (no tone) and next morning, I'm nauseous. Anyone else get this and why?

3. When I detrain, especially my lower body, after say, 10 days, my legs get really "achey." Answer?

4. I seem to be developing lordosis, or swayback. This must be due to some muscular or flexibility imbalance going on. Anyone know how to fix this?


i get nauseaous in the morning from allergies.

Shawn Phillips had pretty good abs before the surgury I’m sure. But yes, he did have the ab etching done. T-mag has hinted/joked about this several times.

In answer to 3 & 4. 3. The blood is starting to pool in your legs. In most people about a quart of blood in stored in the gut region. When you exercise a region the blood moves there, hence the pump. The heart pumps blood out to where it is needed. Muscle active and gravity return it the the heart. A neat trick used by some to the top names in bodybuilding is the training the body to store the blood eslewhere. This is the basics for one-day arm cures. Arnold used to do it for his delts. Look at pictures of him training. His shoulders really sloop, then look at him on stage and he has huge round delts. This was before injecting oil was used.
4. Do a search on past article. “Oh, My Aching Back”? The author covers this problem.

Best of Luck

Can someone explain to me what ab etching is? I think i can take a guess, but i’d like to make sure.

About, when did Shawn Phillips have that procedure done?

Damn, and I thought that they’d been talking about Brian Basedow. I’d like to hear about him getting lipo.

Rock: Ab Etching is a Liposuction technique in which the surgeon selectively suctions out both deep and superficial layers of fat around the “squares” of the Rectus Abdominus (the “six-pack” muscle). It’s sort of like taking a piece of clay and etching out a picture by gouging out pieces of clay. You don’t really “draw” a picture, but you remove the clay around the outsides and edges of the picture you have outlined in order to make a picture stand out. (It’s a little more involved, but the principals are the same).

(By the way…as of last week, that ab book was at #2 on “Amazon” and threatening the number one spot).

Your hip flexors are too tight.