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Just So I Can Look Back in a Few Months

Reverse Grip Bench 135 x6,7,8, 7x10
Bent Row 135 10x10
Felt exhausted

Gym was closed because of power outage.

Squat 225x9,9, 8x8
Military DB 60 10x10

Incline( fat gripz) 140 3x10, 3x9, 4x8
T-Bar 160 10x8 form felt abit off will lower weight next time i think.
Push ups 10x10
Upright Row 90 10x3

Dips 80 5x5, 55 5x5(full dips, little rough on shoulders)
Pull Ups 10x3@ 25
CGB 10x9 135
(hammer,side, reg)curls 45x6, 35x8, 30x10, 20x15(incline curl)

Box Squat 405 9x2,1x3
Military with slight push press 135 9x5, 1x8
Front Squat 10x3
Delt FLyes 10x11

Twoshort workouts

Bench 235x1 form felt bad but weight felt light.

4/23 Monday First day of testing for 5/3/1

Weight 193lb with clothes

Push Press 195x1, 205x0,0. Very frustrating, felt 225 tonight every rep felt good.
Chin Ups x 10, 8, 8, 8, 7
Dips @ 35 5x10
Jump Rope

Maxes as of 4/23-4/29/Goals for 6/23-29
Push Press 195/ +10
Deadlift 405/ +20
ATG Squat/ +20
Bench/ +10
Front Squat 230
Hang Clean 195

4/26 Thursday

Hang Clean 195x1
Deadlift 405x1
Front Squat 230x1, 245x0 should of got it.

Bench 245x1 easy 255x0 just missed it.
Bent Row 195x1

ATG Squat 295x1(easy), 325x0, 320x0, 315x0 I need to sit back more in my squats.
Ez Curl Bar 125x1

Weight 192
Push Press 115, 130x5, 145x5
DB Bench 100lb dbs x6, 5, 5
Chin Up x10, 10, 8, 8 ,5.

Weight: 194!
Power Clean 215 3x2
Push Press 195x1,1,2
ATG Squat 275 3x3
DB Military 60 3x15
GoodMorning 135 3x10
Lateral Raise 15db 3x15
Leg Extensions 45each side 3x20
Front Raises


Box Squat 315x1, 365x0, just missed it.
Bench 225 3x3
Barbell Row 155 3x10
Incline 75 3x10
DB Row 80 3x10
Iso Lateral Decline Press 2 plates each side 3x15
Iso Lateral High Row 2plates and 25 each side 3x12
Medicine Ball Push Ups 3x 1 from failure
Chin Ups 3x 1 from failure

Front Squat 225x1
Reverse Grip Bench 135 8, 10, 10
Bent Row Bicep Focused 135 3x15
Lying Tricep Press(Db)75 3x8
Ez Curl BAr 75 3x20
Tricep Overhead 70 3x8
PinWheel Curls 40 3x5
Tricep Pushdowns 57.5 3x15
Reg Curl 25 3x20

Hang Clean 175 3x3
Seated MP BB 135 3x8
Back Squat 275x 4,4,3
Iso Lateral Shoulder Press 2 plates per side x8,8, 10
Stiff Leg Deads 135 3x15 ( Grip is weak)
Shrugs hold at top 135 3x15
Leg Curl 105x5, 90 2x8
Cheat Delt Flyes 30 3x12

Incline Bench 155x 10, 9, 8
T-Bar 2 45s and a 25 3x15
DB Bench 90 3x8
Chin Up 3x10
Iso Lateral Wide Press 3 plates each 3x5
Iso Lateral Row 2 45s 25 3x10

Back Squat 315(easy)
Dips 70x 6, 8, 7
Pull Ups 25 x 5, 4, 3
CGB 185 3x5
Iso Lateral Curl 2plates 3x10
SKull CRushers 50 3x10
Hammer Curl 35x12,10,10
Tricep Push Down 65x15,13,12
Curl 35 3x10

Clean and jerk worked up to… 215x1 225x0
ISo Lat Shoulders 135ea 3x3
Delt Flyes(dbs)

Incline Db 90 3x8
Flat DB 90 3x10
Chin Ups 3x4(Grip problems)
Iso Lat High Row 90ea 3x20

Push Press 185 3x3
DB(TUT) Military 50 3x15
Delt Flyes(Cables,TUT) 6x10 @ 7.5 4x15@ 2.5
CGB 183x 7,7,7
Pull Ups 3x5
DB Overhead 70x10, 60x15, 50x15
Ez Curl Bar 115x3, 95x8, 75x15