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Just So I Can Look Back in a Few Months

Still Updating

After a major sickness and injury im back at it and hoping to surpass what i was at before.

Category: Current/Goals(May 1)
Height: 5’10/5’10
Weight: 179/190
Vert: 30(Rim easy, 7’6 reach)/30
Deadlift: 365/425
Push Press: 175/200
Bench 225x3/225x10
Squat(ATG): 225/275
Box Squat(Inch above Parallel): 315x3/315x10
Squat Parallel: 315/345
Chin up: 8/15
Push Up: 30/45
Bent Row: 135x12/185x10
Incline 135x10/165x10
1.5 Mile: 10:20/10:00


Very Simple Outline for Myself
Not insanely strict but aim for these numbers.

3456 Calories Per Lifting Day
3056 on Non Lifting days
700-800+ Calories at Breakfest
40/40/20 P/C/F or P/F/C
(Protein=1400 Calories = 350g/Carbs =1400 Calories = 350g/Fats =700= 78g) PCF
(Protein=1400 Calories = 350g/Fats =1400 Calories = 156g/Carbs =700= 175g)
Carbs in morning/Post workout/pre workout


Goals Per day:
Jump Rope 500 revs
Push Up 50-100
Pull Ups 100-200

Workout Log:


Deadlift 365 4x2(Ripped my hand open stopped)
Push Press 175 4x2

1.5 Mile rune 10:20

Bench 225 x3,2,2,1,2
Bent Row 135 5x12
Decline 135x 15, 13 , 3x12
Chin Up 5x5

PM session
Feet Elevated Stability Ball Push Ups 10x10
Fake Pullups(unsure of real name) 10x10


Reverse Grip Bench 135 5x8
Pull Ups 5x8
DB Overhead 70 5x10
Ez Curl Bar 75 5x8

Incline 140 5x8
T-Bar Row 100 x12,12,14,14,14
Wide Grip Bench 125 5x8
Upright Row 75 5x12
Push Up 5x10 (Swiss Ball)
“Fake Pull Ups” 5x10


Reactive Box Jump(Jump 24inch then instantly onto 30inch) 5x1
Box Squat 5x3 315
DB MP 60 5x7
Front Squat 135 5x5
DB Shrugs 70 5x15 1 sec hold at top


Dips 5x4 @ 80
Pull Ups 5x4 @ 20
CLose Grip Bench 155 5x5
Side Curl 40 5x5


Power Clean 225x1
Box Squat 18inch(1sec pause at bottom) 315x5,5,5,5,10
Push Press 175x3,2,1,1,2(Really struggling)
Front Squat 135 5x6
Shrugs(1 sec hold) 80 5x15


Slowly trying out IF, 12/12 did not seem tired or weak.

BBall for 1 hour


Bench 225x3,3,2,2,2
Bent Over Row 155 5x8
Decline 135x15,15,12,12
Chin Up 4x5

DIps 5x4 @ 80
PullUps5x5 @ 20
Close Grip Bench


Squat 225 5x8
Push Press 5x1 @185
Incline Bench 140 5x9
T-Bar 115 5x12

Reverse Grip Bench 135x8
Bent Row 135 5x12
Overhead DB 80 5x7
Pull Ups 5x8


Box Squat 315x8,7,8x6
Push Pres 165 10x1
Front Squat 135 10x3(humbling/tired)
Delt FLyes 5x10 each arm

Tuesday- Cardio

Bench 225x2,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1,2
Parallel Row 155 10x8
Decline Bench 135x15,15 8x13
1 Arm DB Row 80 10x8

Dips 10x3 @ 80
Pull Ups 10x3@ 20
Close Grip Bench 135 10x5(Humbling)
Ez Curl Bar 85 10x5
Chin Ups 30 through the workout

PowerLifter Style Squats 10x8 @ 225
DB Military 10x10 @ 50
Stiff Legged Deadlift 10x12 @ 135
DB Shrug 10x15 @ 80

Incline Bench 140 5x10,4x9,1x6
T-Bar 125 10x10
Push Ups10x10
UpRight Row 85 10x8

Reverse Bench 135 10x9
Bent Row BicepFocus 135 10x12
Overhead Db 10x7
Pull Ups 10x4

Box Squat 315 10x8
Push Press 175 10x1
Front Squat 135 10x4
Lateral/Front Rauses 5x10 each

Bench 185x8,8, 8x7
Row 135 10x14
Decline 5x14
1 arm db row 80 5x8

Dips 10x4@ 80
Pull Ups 10x5 @ 20

Box Squats 315 10x9
Push Press 185 9x1, 2x0(extremely frustrated)
Front Squat 135 10x5 Form seemed better
Delt Raises 5x11 each



Bench 185 4x8, 6x6
Row 135 10x15
Incline Flyes 20 10x20
Chin Ups 10x5(finally feeling back working during chin ups)
Stability ball push ups 10x10
Chin Ups 10x5

Updated Routine

Sunday: Shoulders/Legs
AM: Sprints
Squat 10x5-10
Military Db 10x5-10
Stiff Legged Deadlifts or Good Mornings 10x5-15
Shrugs 10x8-15

Monday: Chest/Back
Incline 10x3-8
T-Bar Row 10x8-15
Push Ups 10x1 away from failure
1 Arm Row/Bent Row 10x5-15
*Optional Extra Chest/Back Work

Wednesday: Arms
Dips 10x3-8
Pull Ups 10x3-8
Close Grip Bench 10x3-10
Curls 10x
*Optional Extra Tri/Bi/forearm work

Thursday: Shoulder/Legs
Power/Hang Clean 1RM
Box Squat 10x3-10
Push Press
Delt Flyes 10x10-15
Front Squat 10x3-15
*Optional Extra Shoulders/Leg Work

Friday: Chest/Back
Bench 10x3-12
Row 10x3-8
Decline or Flyes 10x8-15
Upright Row 10x5-15
*Optional Extra Chest/Back Work

Saturday: Arms
Reverse Grip Bench 10x3-5
Bent Row/T Bar Row(Bicep Focused)
Overhead DB 10x5-15
Barbell Curls 10x3-8
*Optional Extra Tri/Bi/forearm work

Awesome workout, awesome day. Got some stuff from elitefts today.

1.5mile walk
Box Squat 315 10x10(grueling)
Push Press 185 10x1
Front Squat 10x2(exhausted)
Delt Flyes(5 sets with fat gripz)
75 Chin Up

Incline Bench with fat grips 140 10x9
T-Bar Row 135 10x10
Stability ball push up feet elevated 10x12
Upright Row 75 10x12
Chin Up 50