Just Scored Great Deal on Craigslist

went to go check out an elliptical from a guy on craigslist. Ended up buying his vision fitness elliptical & vision fitness recumbent bike for $800 delievered! I did a for searches for reviews on the elliptical. Pretty good reviews. I didn’t plan to buy the recumbent bike, but I just threw out an offer for the 2. He accepted.

He showed my his receipts for the elliptical & bike. Something like he paid $2600 for both new . I’m moreimpressed by the bike. Pure gym quality. Actually better then what I’ve seen @ many gyms. This will make a nice addition to the gym. I already have a pacemaster treadmil and concept 2 erg. Shit… what else is left for cardio equipment…

good deal bro. you can get anything on craigslist. even some ass!

MMF for the win.

yup. scored some nice 18 yr old ass. check out an old post I made about making a girl squirt. :slight_smile: she still texs and begs for it. Ill stick with what I’ve said. If you can make a girl who’s never squirted before squirt. You are her master.

Or you could just run.

just got them tonight. I must say they are very nice for the $ I paid. the displays are probally better then I’ve seen in the gyms