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Just Saw Speed Racer

Got out of Speed Racer around 6am this morning. It was alright.

The whole movie was like one long nostalgic acid trip for me. Warning: it is very, very trippy. Trippy to the point of ridiculousness. And very, very corny.

If I hadn’t been such a fan of the cartoon as a child, I probably would have thought it was pretty stupid. However, if you ever watched the show, they were eerily faithful to it. They didn’t even change the retarded things that could never translate into real life.

The racing scenes were exhilarating, and thats coming from a guy who hadn’t slept in 20ish hours when he saw it.

I’d recommend this movie to any old Speed Racer fans, as well as people looking to watch a artistically and graphically awesome movie. The plot has little to no substance, but the way the movie was put together was pretty original, and actually reminded me of a cartoon.

I’d call this movie a live-action cartoon. It may have live actors, but it still FEELS like an an old style cartoon with a great graphics upgrade.