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Just realised I have been cheating myself all the way

Okay, I train really seriously at home since 5 months, and I have realised that my lack of knowledge has prevented me from progressing.

Things I did wrong:
I was using my back and legs to do every damn exercice I did. My father actually told me this while watching me once. (He used to lift). I have reduced my biceps 10 pounds, and let me tell you that I feel them working WAY better. Ho well, I was kicking stuff up all the time.

Eating: I wasn’t eating enough for sure. I’ll try for 1 month to eat more and I will tell you the results.

My program sucked. I have posted it here, gimme tips if you whish.

So ho well, you can do mistakes when you begin, but you can keep these mistakes all your life if you don’t read of if you are not watched… just a though…

Yeah, believe it or not, your post was pretty inspirational. Since everyone’s technique tends to slip from time to time, its always good to correct yourself. I’m going to pay better attention to my form this Monday when I work out.