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Just Read The Anabolic Diet Book


I have been around this site for several years and have seen the Anabolic Diet around, but honestly never gave it any thought or attention until recently. I went ahead and bought the book and just finished reading it. Holy shit, all those years wasted I feel like... especially if this works half as well as claimed! I am very excited to start on Monday. I searched on here and found the My Experience on the Anabolic Diet thread... which has like 400 freakin pages. Honestly, after reading this book in a day, I dont feel like perusing through the thread for hours. The only real questions I have are...

1) for those of you who have done it/do it, is it really that great?
2) regarding the supplements section, it lists what he recommends to use, such as Leucine, Glutamine, Arginine, Taurine, etc... but doesnt specify how to take them or anything, unless I missed it. What did you guys use, how, and when?

Anyway, like I said I am completely stoked to begin this because I am sick of my lack of gains, feeling tired, and having such low T-levels at my age, and I am pretty certain after reading this that I experience these things because I eat a ton of carbs and not hardly any fat, as I have avoided fat for years because the man said theyd kill me. Thanks in advance


  1. Didn’t progress on the 36-48 carb-up/food fests, i.e. too long and too much shitty food. Don’t necessarily agree with saturated fat guidelines either. Have never entertained his workout routines. As much as I admire DiPasquale, having also read Serious Strength Training I have real concerns over the periodization HVT schemes he endorses.
  2. Majority of supplements not essential.


The thread is worth spending time on if you are going to do the diet, IMO, but I’ve never read the book.


alrighty well tonight ill give it a look for a while. ha nice avatar by the way


Hi Jimmy, just read the first 20 pages. you’ll find the rest is also interesting but if you’re looking for the cliff notes version then the first 20 has everything you need to know.

  1. Love it
  2. No supplement is essential, hence the term “supplement” - Keep in mind Dr. Di now owns a supp company so hes going to over recommend supps


thanks sjfou. i think the only supplements i will take is a multi vitamin, fish oil, and creatine. cant wait to start tomorrow.


I too am looking into this. I just gotta figure the numbers out first. Both the caloric values and the PRICE of eating like this.

Could you toss down a training day and a non-training day diet for an example? ( I too don’t want to flip through the massive thread lol )


I ate like this for 3 years. I now use a more carb-cycling/nutrient timing approach as Im bulking nd I cant affordr to eat 5000 cals/day. And I fell victim to the carb-ups. I would get ravenous and wild and eat everything in site and get wicked bloat which i can’t mentally handle. I like to look ‘normal’ all week as i get invited to many pool parties and the beach quite a bit. Bloat doesn’t look too good in those situations…


the book said your diet through the week, other than weekends where you carb up, is the same. you eat the same calories with same fat protein and carb %'s, of course you get a large array of food to choose from.

like for the beginning “maintenance” phase, you take your body weight x 18 and thats how many daily calories you want, being made of 55-60& fat, 30-35% protein and no more than 30 grams of carbs a day. what he says is that once you get the carbs out of your system and your body starts utilizing fat as the main energy source, you dont really need to load up on more food for energy. when you carb up on the weekends, thats when your body stores some of those sugars for part of the week, but you should have much more energy every day.

if it would fit, i can email you the ebook b rock


I have the Metabolic Diet book which is a good read, great information in there. If anything, it brings up some good ideas and things to try.


gonna bring this back up for a minute.

how many of you were dead ass tired the first week? how long did this last?


[quote]skimmy_jimmy wrote:
gonna bring this back up for a minute.

how many of you were dead ass tired the first week? how long did this last?[/quote]

Starting any low carb diet will result in a crash in the first week or so, give it another week and you should be fine.


just wait til your mouth tastes like booty juice from the ketones. Thats how I know I’m in ketosis and burning fat effeciently. Something like Superfood or any greens type of product is good with this diet to quench any free radicals and provide some fiber.