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Just Read Merry Christmas Bob...

I just read this article and it is, well, perfect. When I read the part about turning the head of a beautiful woman because of the way your built and it reminded me.

I am on my journey to regain what I once had. I remember when I HAD that amazing body, that not only turned heads but literally caused guys to walk into poles (happened more than once). I want that feeling again. It felt damn good. I guess I am not quite “Bob” but I was on my way. It is a good thing that I like the feeling I get in the gym, the feeling of accomplishment just by being there.

I know there is no point to this little ramble, but I just thought I would share.


Merry Christmas!

You’ve got a point in your rambling. You desire to be better than average, to not let youself just be what it turns into. When I read it, I got really pumped because a lot of the same stuff he wanted to tell Bob goes through my head when people like Bob ask me similar things. The article really justified why I live like I do. And dammit I’m proud as hell.