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Just Protein on Days Off?


Is it okay on my none work out days to just eat protein? Since im trying to strip away fat,

btw, what does RM, carb deloading or deloading or something like that or any other words mean? I am still pretty new at this site and jsut trying to learn, for someone who has the time and patience please tell me. :), thanks.


Alright, seriously now, you are SMALL. You don't have enough muscle to LOOK GOOD with low bodyfat, you will only end up looking like Christian Bale in The Machinist:

You really need to get a different attitude towards diet and lifting, or find another website to hang out with skinny people. Like a runner's forum.


ok dude look, i my thread is for someone who actually has the patience to help me out, my thread's title doesnt say "hungry4more" help me out, if my problem is needing to find another website, then your problem is to not worry about my problems.


You don't need to cut. Your skinny go do starting strength and drink a gallon of milk a day. Maybe add some forearm work because those things look like toothpicks and i doubt you could deadlift a pvc pipe with those. Lose the facebook photo for a avatar.

1RM-1Rep max, most weight you can lift for one rep.
Deloading-is lifting less weight for a week or so in order to be at max strength the next week. Used for by powerlifters. Kind of like a recovery week.
Carb DEPLETING-is droping your carb intake to effect water retention and it's supposed to make you look more lean for a short amount of time. You also have to carb up. That is only a basic description and it's more complex than that im sure.


So many things wrong with this.

First off, "None work out days" should be "Non workout days" because you're obviously immature you'll probably take this as an insult, but in life and on these forums people will take you a lot more seriously if you learn to fucking spell. Let us change jsut to just too, but at least that looks like a typo not ignorance.

Second, you don't have any fucking fat to strip away.

Third, just eating protein is not only unhealthy but damn near impossible. What magical food source do you have that is 100% protein with no carbs or fat in it? And where are you planning on getting vitamins and minerals from?

Fourth, stop being a tool.


No. That is an awful idea. You don't want your body using protein for fuel.

Second, I highly doubt you truly understand what you will look like if you cut. Without appreciable muscle mass, you aren't going to look like a fitness model or MMA fighter. You will look like a starvation victim.

I strongly suggest you worry about trying to GAIN muscle for the time being. If you are worried about fat gain, just eat lean meats, healthy fats and keep carbs to around workout times. Doing some cardio 3-5 times a week will also help. But don't try to lose anymore weight. You'll end up developing an eating disorder.


As opposed to developing muscle dysmorphia?

I kid, I kid...


Okay, go ahead, eat just protein on days off, I'm sure girls will love you at 90lbs, you already look like you don't lift, and you want to further that assumption?

go play in traffic, you're making my head hurt by your idiocy.


ok a umm... my bad first to start off im not american, second of all that picture was like 1 year ago lol, im way bigger than that now,plus everybody says im skinny, it's because im tall, and that makes me look like skinny, but when i sit down theres alot of fat laying down, Thanks for the ones who helped me, and screw that guy with spelling shit, you just spelled "jsut" stupid spelling teacher.



Love this site.


Dead horse is dead,

By the way this is a bodybuilding forum not anorexia forum or general fitness forum.


dude why bother even eating on none workout days? obviously you only grow on the days you're working out...anything you eat on none workout days is just gonna be turned to fat cause ur body's like dude we didn't workout today what are we gonna do with this.

also if you do more ab exercises your body will turn the fat in to muscle


I like your logic!

Hey beginner kid! What about looking through "Must reads for beginners"?


Then: Lift weights. Eat (anything that's not pure crap). Sleep. Lift heavier weights. You don't have to make it more complicated than that.


Now I'm not going to call you anorexic or dysmorphic because thats taken care of, but "not american?"

You live in Arizona...


Shhhh he's an illegal that's getting his internet paid for by the government!!


Fitness4lyfe, listen to H4M. If you want proof on how to build muscle, look at my pictures on my profile. I'm no where near H4M or any of these other mother fuckers (all you beasts you know who you are, mad props) and I shame your ass. Flat out. I didn't give a shit about what I ate, I just busted my fucking ass in the gym, stuffed food in my gullet, and I've gained nearly 40 lbs in about 30 months. If your a skinny bastard, which you are, your main problem is not eating enough. I wish you could see what I eat for breakfast every day. Its probably everything you eat in a whole day.

Fucking eat everything that walks, and lift everything you can. Only then will you grow.


I'm pretty sure OP decided not to come back to T-Nation after not getting complimented for his sick abs. If not, hopefully he has a change of heart and takes good advice.


I ate him.


Due to the lack of muscle, not a whole lot of protein in that meal. But respect to you for shoveling that skeleton in your gullet.


BONEZ is cutting, souls are really low in carbs.