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Just Protein by Ironmind

I was wondering if any T-maggers have tried Just Protein and what you thought of the taste, texture and solubility? And how about quality? I’m thinking of using this as it’s much cheaper than some of the other protein supplements available. Since it’s milk and egg protein, I would think it’s good quality. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!


Whats up man? I am familiar with the Just Protein product. However, I have never used it(I do not eat meat, eggs or dairy). If it is from Ironmind, the quality is probably pretty good.

Also, regarding combat conditioning, I received my resitance bands over the weekend and they are pretty cool. The power jumper for squats is sweet and doing 100 hind squats was a real challenge. The powerpushup2 is pretty cool as well. However, I did not find it anywhere near as difficult as Matt Furey claims it is. I got the red band one and supposedly three bands on each side is the equivalent of 180lbs of resistance in additon to your bodweight. I weigh around 195. Thus, according to Matt, you use 65% of your bodweight when doing pushups. Thus, the powerpushup redband deal should have been the equivalent of bencing around 305. Now I have not benched in a while and the most that I have ever done is 315 for sets of 6 and they were pretty damm hard. I did three sets of ten with the redbands without much difficulty. Thus, I am either strong as hell or the resitance bands are exaggerated. I think the truth is in the middle somewhere. Regardless, it is still a great product and it does make pushups much more challeneging. In addition the pumps that I get in my triceps and chest are amazing. Finally, it also hits the stabilzers pretty well and the strength should transfer to other sports and weightraining. Overall a good purchase. I will just have to move the resistance up a level.

Mike, thanks for the update. I was getting ready to post asking if you had tried them out or not. Sounds like they are definitely worth using. I’m sure that they were exaggerated a little bit. As most things are in order to attract customers. But I can see how they would definitely be useful. Sweet deal my man! Thanks for updating me. As for the Just Protein, I hope someone can give me the lowdown. I might start using that to save money!