Just Poking Around! (Injection Sites)

Newbie on the injection side of TRT here… slowly getting used to sticking a needle in myself every 3.5d… 1/2" 27g and 1/2" 30g. So far I have done my stomach twice(not a huge fan as it is a bit tender for 24hrs) and once in the Dorsogluteal which was great but kind of awkward to twist and throw the dart!

Anyhow, today I am going to try ventrogluteal and wanted to ask for feedback on this inj site, namely does anyone do this while sitting??? Every thing I have seen online is done laying or standing, but it seems sitting might be more comfortable as your muscle is relaxed??? Thoughts?

Next I may try the quads or delts… trying to find my preference.


I’ve been on trt for almost 7 years, and the ventrogluteal injection, has been the best for me, by far. I’ve had issues from time to time with every other place I’ve injected. But I’ve never had any issues with ventrogluteal injections.

Although, I’ve never tried a ventrogluteal injection while sitting.

Great! Thanks for the feedback! The only thing that I am a little nervous about is I can see a few small veins through my pale skin crisscrossing that area. I suppose if I hit one, if anything it would just go right through them…

I inject mostly in my ventroglutes, sometimes in the lateral delts. I prefer to stand in front of my bathroom mirror and shift my weight to the opposite leg. I use a 29g 1/2” insulin needle and it’s mostly painless, even if my muscle is slightly contracted.

I never understand delt injecitons, or subq, messes with workouts

I always do em in my quads right after leg day, and everytime the soreness subsides before the next leg day.

Simple, have always done it like that.

Quads is super easy. Lots of choice spots, not a lot of veins, can use two hands.

I did my first my first ventrogluteal injection last night, I chose standing as I haven’t heard feedback about doing it while seated, I did my best to aim between the small veins you can see in that area. For me the first time I try a new spot I get sweaty hands as I fear the worst and this is a pretty dense area on me in comparison to the other areas I have tried so far. So far for me this is a #1 just behind the dorsogluteals, mostly because it easier for me to jab. I was basically painless. I may try my quads next, but I am skeptical due to all the horror stories I read about that area… also, I question why inject into muscle that is in such high use while the other areas I tried are mostly secondary. I was not trying to start another injection thread here, just find out about the sitting question, nonetheless; i appreciate the tips from y’all while I expand my comfort level…

I’ve never really had any pain or anything in my delts that would make any difference, though subQ always gave me welps and burned like crazy so I’m not a huge fan of those

Lots of options! Whatever works

I should really switch it up. I’ve been injecting twice a week into basically the same spots on each side of my navel. It stays pretty tender the full week untill I inject again. The grapeseed oil seems to really sting.

I’ve been pinning delts, and about 50/50 it hurts. I have only done 4 injections so far. Does the pain go away with time?

I don’t really remember it ever hurting other than maybe once, so I’m not sure I can answer that

Yes it does go away. It also has to do with the formulation of what you are injecting but even with that it seems your body gets used to it to a certain extent.

I never feel any pain in the delts.

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For me, thighs and quads hurt somewhat 95% of the time. Delts don’t hurt unless I go too deep. I hit my axillary nerve once with a 1” needle and I couldn’t lift my arm above parallel for three days. It also had me on the floor in pain. So don’t do that!

I’ve been using a 1/2” needle since. But I think it’s going SubQ when I do delts, so I’ve been mostly doing thighs again, just with a shorter needle. For me the pain on the thigh is the same with a long or short needle.

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I have hit all the recommended spots except my delts (because I am hesitant to do a 1+ minute injection with one hand). Quads have been great for me as they are sooo easy to sit and inject)

Anyhow, since I am using a 1/2 needle doing shallow IM or maybe even sub q, is anyone rotating injection spots all around? Are there any issue with doing this as I may be doing subQ or shallow IM depending on my choice of spot that day?