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Just Plain Drunk.


I am pissed, have just been to a rock club with my best mate and his girlfriends friends I got off with one of them (kissed) and am hoping to see her again. what do T-men think I should do about it? am crap with women and right now do not give a shit no matter what you say, give us feedback MOFO'S. you fuckers........


You should do nothing. I hear that helps.


You should hit yourself really hard in the face for fucking up.


both answers very helpful thank you.... assongrass there was no fuck up. I'm just a bit of an idiot and am not sure what to do next. so fuck you! but seriously I'm just drunk......... not much more to say.......


if you got her number there should be no questions... if not you fucked up


Try fucking her next time.


Im guessing you got her # or something, then call her or text message or something so you can fuck her.


Try washing the sand out of your vagina.


you do nothing
you talk to your buddys girlfriend about this girl find out from her if she likes you or was just messin around

if she does like you then set up another time you are together again.
talk to her and do not get too drunk next time,you dont want to be all sloppy you want her sloppy so you can take care of her and be the nice sweet guy.


Thats fine advice now since you've already screwed up the momentum you created when you started kissing her earlier.

Bad advice, unless you actually want her as your girlfriend.


Keep drinking!


or unless you want her to THINK shes your girlfriend.


Ha! Best advice yet...


LOL! thanks all sober now the next morning. or slightly sober I'm still a bit pissed... thanks Nich that's pretty much exactly what I was thinking. T-nations forums are great you start one pissed and have feedback the next morning excelent... oh and happy birthday vader, oops wrong thread...