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Just Pick a Damn Routine Already

Here is my current split. Just wondering if this is enough volume.

Pec Deck Fly 3x10
Incline/Flat BB Bench 1x4-6, 2x10
Superset Upright Rows 3x10 with Lat Raises 3x10
Tricep Pushdown 3x10

Rack Pulls 3x10
Rows 3x10
Pushups 3x10
Superset BB curls 3x10 with Hammer Curls 3x10

Squat 3x10
Leg Ext 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10

Training about six days a week taking rest days when needed. Just trying to use a progressive overload principle and tracking my workouts. Chest is lagging and ive always done alot of volume for it so just trying to settle down and focus on getting stronger. Is this enough volume or include more for lagging body parts?

What is your goal? Seeing 3x10 for most rep schemes, I’m jumping the gun and saying hypertrophy.

Edit: Doing 3 sets of 10 for most exercises might work for a beginner, but for optimal muscle growth you should use some variety.

Are you sure you want to pre exhaust like this??


  1. DO NOT pre-exhuast when you haven’t developed your mmc. You will experience the opposite of what you hope to achieve. (Yes, I DID just write that. Come at me, bros!)

  2. Do you know how to properly execute a barbell row to target the lats? If not, you should add in a vertical pulling movement.


I’m not sure in what universe push ups are considered a pulling exercise.

Lat pulldowns instead

edit: also some kind of hip extension exercise on leg day would be super

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Looks like what know nothing gym teachers try and have kids do in 7th grade during the “physical Education” part of the year. 3x10 for everything eh at least it’s not 1x30

Your plan is messed up for reasons the guys already addressed.

Don’t try to make your own program. Go here and just pick a damn routine already.

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I’ve encountered many beginners who are so set on creating their own plan for some kind of pride but fail to realize that its a lot more efficient to learn a tried and trued program and after awhile of learning their own body and programing, they can edit a program later on if they still want to. When I was a beginner, like most, I went straight to bodybuilding.cm and just read up a little and created my own junk program. To no surprise, I had very little success. Then I read about 5/3/1 and utilized wendler’s templates for about a year until I learned what works best for me and how to program for size, conditioning, strength, or power. Anyways this mini-rant was caused by so many beginners being too stubborn to just use a program. I’ve seen a few on this site and many more in real life.

I’m becoming less of a fan of blanket “just use a prewritten program” statements, but in this case I think it would be ideal. Try a few, see what works and don’t be afraid to tweak once you’re sure.

Why’s that?

If the options are “pre-written, well-designed program from a qualified source that a lifter can do while learning as he goes” vs “cobbled-together, poorly designed program from a rank beginner with no lifting experience that a lifter can do while learning as he goes”, why not go with the better plan from the start?

Is it more a matter of letting people make their mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them?

pullups* not pushups

how is pre exhausting the opposite of developing mind muscle connection in the chest?

It is not the opposite of developing mmc.

Mmc is acquired by learning how to contract and activate the intended muscle.

lower extremity? thats probably relevant because the chest and the legs make up the same amount and type of muscles

Good luck with your training.

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If want to do a split look up the kingbeef thread or do a Paul Carter program -either will give you superior results

Agreed, this is good advice in situations like this, however I feel it gets dished out too easily in situations where more specific guidance on the issues might help the trainee more than “just do this”

Do they? I’m pretty sure they don’t. I’d recommend you squat more

I agree. which is why this was sarcasm