Just Passed my CSCS Exam!!

Yes, I’m excited I passed first time, and am well aware no one cares. Hence the GAL post.


wow, good job! Time to celebrate!!

Nice!!! Congrats!

Mazel Mazel.

I have a sledgehammer that looks exactly like yours.

Well done buddy… !


Nice! I sent you a PM about this.

Cool, how was it?

Nice job!

And I have that same Gazebo in my yard.

Thanks all, it was pretty tough, but I felt good coming out of it, and did quite well on both sections. Just for reference I’ve been a personal trainer since 2001 and am currently working on my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at San Diego State, so my course work helped out as well.

Cool stuff bro. I actually have the book laying next to my couch, but everytime I pick it up, I somehow get distra… oooh, look something shiny!


great goddamn job!