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Just Ordered Test Supplement

Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement… Has very good reviews on amazon from over 5,000 people… and its only 20 bucks so I figured I’d give it a try for a month and see if it actually does anything… It may just end up being something that mimics the affects of high testosterone and doesn’t actually raise levels… Apparently it helps to increase blood flow…

A fool and his money are soon parted.

-Thomas Tusser


I also like: “a fool and his money were never meant to be together in the first place”
-Harry Anderson

I feel like, between your appreciation of bad movies and good music, you can appreciate this:

And, yes, that formula is nonsense. Partly due to the completely undisclosed dosages, but mostly because it’s not 1983 but it contains boron and “orchic substance”. Sorry, nnt, eating balls does not improve your balls.

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The fact that the company gives you a free bottle if you leave a 5-star review probably has something to do with that.

that’s optimistic. it probably doesn’t even do that. placebo effect is a real thing though. 5000 people may have experienced this.

too funny. no, it doesn’t. There is an ingredient, nitric oxide, in most of these products that has the potential to do this. But studies have shown that you need a MUCH higher dose than what is in these products to achieve said effect. And at those doses, the product becomes unsafe.

Just get viagra/cialis if blood flow is a concern. I’m sure your local MD would love to set you up with a prescription.

you know me so well - I loved that

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People get pimples because of an increase in DHT which is a strong form of testosterone and this guy took it for a few days and started getting more pimples on it… So, it seems to do what it’s advertised to do, boost testosterone…

DHT – also known as dihydrotestosterone, this is the most powerful androgen in the human body by some distance. When one thinks of juiced-up bodybuilders and their sex-crazed personalities, steroids or testosterone are the first words that spring to mind.
However it is actually DHT that is responsible for the vast majority of male sex characteristics. The androgen receptors for body hair, sex drive, and importantly for us, the sebaceous glands, all lie under DHT’s jurisdiction. It is DHT that causes your skin to become oily and that’s why it’s most important for acne. However, testosterone still has a role in acne to play…

Riiiight. That guy’s negative review must mean the stuff works. Couldn’t be a simple allergic reaction to one of the six different herbs it contains in undisclosed amounts. You’re hearing hoof prints but you’re hoping it’s anything other than horses.

Also, it’s convenient you’re glossing over the reports that the company essentially pays users for 5-star reviews. A reputable company with a legit product doesn’t need to do that.

hahahahahahaha love this.

oh awesome! google works for you in the exact way it works for me! too cool!

Dude. This product is garbage. Do what you want though. A fool and his money shall be parted.

I’m sad people think like this.

lol right? I saw another one recently that I loved, went essentially like this:

‘I didn’t really see any gains on ____ product, but when I came off it, my dick stopped working, so I know it was legit’

Seriously. people are ridiculous sometimes.

Trust me… It has Horny Goat Weed in it… I’m about to get horny as fuck…

but it does have Boron in it which is proven to boost free testosterone

Seems as though you are already sold on the product. Not sure who you are trying convince at this point but the only true way to tell if it works is get labs done before taking the product(and this product only), use it for a period of time and get labs afterwards to see what changed.

This thread has great potential for much hilariousness.

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It’s okay to be psyched about a supp. But be prepared to be let down.

If you really want to boost test in a proven way: sleep more, train with weights 3-4 times per week, manage stress, get enough magnesium/zinc/vitamin D/omega 3’s (fish oil) and saturated fat in your diet.

Oh and get laid at least once per week… But that should be a life goal anyway.

I just started taking fish oil

Good lord…these forums seem to have taken a turn since I used to post regularly…