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Just Ordered Plazma

Hello everyone, just a quick question… I just ordered plazma from the bio test website and was wondering how y’all like it, and how y’all recommend me to use it? I am currently training for a powerlifting competition in November, but I also schedule a couple days a week for pure bodybuilding.

I weigh 188, 6 feet

250 BP 375 squat 385 deadlift 235 power clean

Looking to improving numbers

Just follow the directions on the label. This is stuff is great.

Sounds good, can’t wait for it to get here

Plazma is one of my must have supplements, especially since I Train early AM on an empty stomach. I mix it the night before and use two doses per Training session; one before and the second during.

Yeah, I’m with Saeufer…Plazma is invaluable in part because I train in the morning on an empty stomach often as well. I literally don’t think I’ve trained a single workout without Plazma in a couple years, lol. I honestly would rather not workout without it. Enjoy the pump, stamina and terminator-like recovery!

Can’t wait to get it! Thanks guys

Just received it! I had to do a shitty ruck run yesterday and am still burnt out but might try out Plazma tonight and see what type of pump I get off it!

Plazma’s benefit is not ‘getting a better pump’. It’s not that kind of supplement, in my opinion, it’s much better than that. Plazma will greatly aid in speed of recovery, it will make your workouts more effective in terms of muscular and strength gains, and it will improve your work capacity while in the gym.

Also, as far as dosing goes, if you can afford to use it as according to the label, do so. But if you can’t (I can’t), it’s still very effective at just 1 scoop per workout. That’s what I do. 1 scoop during the workout, and something like Mag-10 afterward. Or another scoop of Plazma. Or Surge Recovery. But definitely the Plazma during workouts. I can’t remember the last time I lifted without it.