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Just Ordered My First Biotest Product

Jus saying hahaha

Micronized Creatine Monohydrate :slight_smile:

Is this thread real?

Mazel Tov! -lol


Creatine is a gateway supplement!

You have to put it in your socks for best results.

This is braggable…

Thank Mighty Stu

@Jlone, that was hilarious
@matus, i know how to use creatine, geez. ( does it matter if there ankle socks or knee socks?)

Yes gumshmee, very bragable…

Wonder why my level hasn’t changed??

[quote]Mike T. wrote:
Wonder why my level hasn’t changed??[/quote]

Well, considering how much people are shelling out for Indigo, I don’t think your Creatine habit is going to get you over the hump to Level One.

I thought you just had to purchase 1 item to go to level 1. After that level is when the amount of items you buy is taken into consideration?

It’ll take a few weeks to update it for some reason. My first order was not so long ago and it took about that long for me.

It too was braggable.

Thanks, I received the supps earlier today… plus level 1…
Id say, braggable :slight_smile: