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Just Ordered Biotest


YEEEE... I'm so excited.

Hi ,
I am a first time poster but have been lurking for a while. I just ordered Carabolin-19 and some Spike and cant wait for it to arrive.

No point other than to say hi and thank T-Nation for keeping me motivated and informed.


You do know you're not supposed to take those together, right?


Yah I didn?t plan to but I was wondering if they would work together (you just saved me some searching thanks).

Can anyone tell me why , and is there anything I can take to keep my energy up for working out after a 12hrs shift and 2hrs or so of playing with the little one? I have been using some cheap caffeine pills but really don't like them.

Thanks for the advice.


Have you even read the Carbolin 19 thread?


Good for you. Glad you jumped on the Metabolic Bar offer. Chocolate Chunk is absolutely amazing. Best bar they've come out with yet. ITs a real winner.

You should check out some Surge and Metabolic Drive next time you order. ITs well worth the investment.


I believe Cy stated that the reason for his recommending one not use Spike and Carbolin 19 together was hypothetical. He feels that it is best to avoid having more than one neuroactive substance in the body at a time. (Hint: use the search feature, you can learn a lot)

By the way, I personally have used Spike (sporadically) whlie on Carbolin 19. I was sure to separate the doses by at least one real food (read: not Grow!/Metabolic Drive-based) meal and noticed no negative side effects.


I loved Carbolin 19. I miss it, but i really need to cut off all this fat ive accumulated. WHen im lean and start my long slow bulk, Carbolin 19 is gonna be a staple.


Thank you , yeah I don't want to whine about how busy I am (kids blah work blah) but Its good to know Im not going to explode should I combine the two.


...although, there have been studies showing implosion.


You're quite welcome, anytime!