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Just Off Surgery: Advice


I'm looking for any serious advice you may be able to afford me. Just a quick bit of background. I've just come off my second lower back surgery ( L4-5 ).

Now, I'm feeling preety bloody good. Prior to my back problem, I was in very good shape and now (I'm not a pretty sight) I would like to return to some sort of resemblance of my former self. I understand, I have to approach any form of weight lifting with caution and that's okay at the moment, but I do have a pretty intensive workout program (courtesy of my PT) as well as adding in my own weight program and bike riding.

With all the work I'm doing, now for a good couple of months, I'm getting more and more frustrated, because I'm just not seeing any improvement.

What are the BEST supplements I could use to build serious body mass. I'm not looking to get "totally ripped", I want to look as good astheticlly as I did a couple of years ago, as well as producing a strong core to secure ( or sabilize) my spine. Aloss of ...say twenty pound is the goal as well.

Ive been told Low-Carb Grow! (by Biotest), post work out- Surge- Biotest and creatine are worth trying. Can you suggest anything else that may help increase muscle mass fast. thank for your time,
cheers Pivot


Anything else. Well just a healthy dose of kicking your own ass in the gym on a regualr basis and eating to gain.

Other than that sounds like you have the road mapped and just need to walk what you talk.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Alright, this is a subject I know too much about. I ruptured my L5 when I was 22.

First off your back; this is the most important. nothing else works when your back is out. DO YOUR STRETCHES. I know your Neurosurgeon doc has given you some stretches, make sure you do them. The most important part for you now is to build your stomach and lower back muscles so you can get a tightness around the spine you do not have now. Light crunches and laying flat on the stomach and pushing up your torso while heeping the hips and legs flat to the ground. Hold the position for 1 minute and release. These help with the tightening.

Training with bad back: SLOWLY work into it. Avoid sitting presses and any sitting that puts weight on your lower back. Do military presses standing up. Light squats for the legs for now. Hang from a pullup bar and raise the legs up for some additional stomach work.

I have permanent numbness down my left leg and bottom of the foot into the toes from my injury. If I feel the numb area tingle, then I know I need to back off.

GOOD luck my lumbarless friend.