Just Noticed Over-Range Prolactin

I was going over all of my old labs since I am now about 6 months on TRT and just looking at how things have changed. I noticed that, before I started TRT, I had a prolactin level of 15.6 (2.6-13.1) on December 8th, 2011. About one month after starting 100mg/wk of Test-C my prolactin was 15.3 (2.6-13.1) on January 28th, 2012. I remember that my doc said it wasn’t anything to worry about since it was barely over the range and that at some labs it would be within range. He also included that if it was a pituitary adinoma, the score would be much higher. I cross-referenced the sticky on blood-work and KSman said in the comments said “we mostly see normal results within 6-9”. I’ve noticed that I never followed up with this, mostly because it didn’t seem important at the time to either of the two doctors I’ve seen for TRT, my one Primary Care, and the couple of comments I received on here.

Should it be something I follow up on? I have a healthy distrust for doctors, though the ones I see now are my doctors because they’ve shown themselves to be competent. What did KSman mean when he gave the “6-9” figure which is normally found? Am I just being paranoid? All of my other tests came back normal (thyroid, cbc, cortisol, etc., etc., etc.) except my FSH was a little high at 21.7 (1.3-19.3), so my diagnosis is/was Primary due to only having one testicle, losing the other soldier to the war on cancer. I’ll add that I am 29 years old, which I turned in April, if that makes any kind of difference.

Any insight is appreciated.

I think it has been said on here that sexual activity prior (24hrs) to blood draw can increase prolactin on blood tests.

It’s hard to recall, but I think for both the tests I did abstain from any form of sexual activity because I read how it can screw with results. Two questions: Should I follow up on this, or is the 15 five months ago nothing to worry about; And, I’m having pregnenolone tested for the first time on Monday: Does sexual activity screw that up too? I thought I heard that somewhere but I could be imagining things.

Just ask your doc to retest it and abstain from spanking the salami for 24 hours prior to be sure.

If you aren’t experiencing issues related to high prolactin (erection issues mostly) then I wouldn’t worry about it.

Ctastrophe, did you end up pursuing any treatment to reduce your Prolactin levels? And did it make a difference in your energy/libido? Just wondering cause I am in a similar boat.