Just Not Fair... Got a Fever

I posted a little while ago about how much my weekend sucked for training, and how I was beating myself up over it. But then, when I got back to the gym on monday, It was incredibly producive and I felt great.

Flash forward to today, wednesday, and I have a wicked fever, no energy, chills, headache, difficulty focusing…etc.

I’ve heard that fevers tend to burn fat more than they burn muscle, because the body just needs to burn heavier to nuke the heal up, so maybe it’ll actually a be a welcome surprise. If my muscles stick together and I don’t get too much weaker.

I did some searches, and found some decent threads, but a lot of it was inconclusive or unhelpful. Anyone have any more input about being sick while in the middle of a program, or just in general as it pertains to hypertrophy and weight training?

Stay home, rest, drink TONS of water watch TV. You’re not going to burn any noticable amounts of anything unless you have a REALLY serious case of the flu (most weight during sickness is just fluids). Once you feel better go back to the gym and pick up where you left off.

You still might be a bit weaker than normal for a few days after your primary symptoms are gone, but it’s just your body recoving, not a loss of muscle. Lift what you can those times until you’re back to your old self, then go back to giving it hell.