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just moved

I just moved to Oakland and along with looking for a job, i am also looking for a place to lift.
any suggestions or help?

Welcolme to the Bay Area! Two places that come to mind is 24hr fitness on Webster st and Gold’s gym on Grand Ave. There is also a 24hr in nearby Berkeley on Addison st. Good Luck!

Check out to Norman Marks in downtown Oakland (14th and Harrison). The owner is in his eighties and works out in some form every day–he’s in terrific shape. He used to compete. It’s a nice family run place. The equipment is old, but they have all you’d need. It’s also cheap for the area. Norman’s a chiropractor and has some weird ideas about squatting, but he isn’t going to tell you unless you ask him.

What kind of job are you looking for?

anything to start but idealy i would like to train and coach baseball.
either that or be a protein powder taste tester.

He he he, I don’t know about the protein taster, but I do know that 24hr fitness is hurting for trainers and they DO pay fairly well. If that doesn’t workout for ya there is always a security position open or something, albeit they don’t pay nearly as well. Good luck man and welcome to the Bay. BTW-be careful in Oakland man. Its been kinda dangerous around there lately. FYI-Oakland PD is hiring also.

hey thanks,
are there any powerlifting clubs and or gyms around the bay area? spc. in oakland?
i was at the 24 on market and cali in san fran and they only had on squat rack and there was someone curling in it. i am just looking for a place to throw around some weight with out haveing to worry about managment or others geting in my way.

Welcome to the bay! I’m glad to see a few T-men on the forum are from here. I personally didn’t like working for 24 hour but that’s me. I did it as a part time gig and the guys I were working with were both idiots and extremely greedy.

I do have to admit, you can make a good chunk of change if you have the aggressive salesman personality.

Good luck. If you do become a 24 hour trainer, let me know, I’ll stop by the gym and ask for a spot.

i was thinking of doing the same thing with 24, just doing it for a bit until i can find something better. i just need some money to pay rent. i will let you know about that spot.

There is a real hardcore gym in Alameda called Iron Island. Its definitly not a 24 hour fitness or a Ballys. This place is hardcore. It is on Encinel, across the street from Alameda High school. About a job, there are tons of listings at www.craigslist.com hope that helps.

Sorry man no info on hard corp gyms seeing as I only moved up here about 7 mos ago. I was looking for one also, but 24 is just convinent for me simply because, 1-its close, and 2-I work hours that allow me to go when its least crowded. And just to say that by chance there is some asshole doing bar-curls(just the bar)in the squat rack I just ask if I can work in and they ususally end up letting me just have it. Now, I’m not a “HYOOOGE” guy or anything, but I’m pretty decent size and this seems to work fairly well. I do have to agree that a lot of the trainers there don’t know shit and are just monitarily motivated, but I figure I’ll do my best to help “reeducate” the Micky D’s eating, media frenzied, confidence lacking, Ab Tronic buying, 48hr Diet have’n public to the T-man style of training, thinking, living. If this doesn’t work…hey, I tried and at least I made a buck, right? Anyways take care man, good luck with the jobby job, and if you get a chance I just started at the club in Hayward. Stop by and say whats up if ya get a chance.

very cool man , thanks.
i am gona be starting at the one in san fran in a few. i feel the same way about trying to educate some of those clowns. i was taking my pre-test last week and one of the head trainers walked in with Burger King for everyone. nice…yes, but trainers eating that shit in front of people they are telling to lay off the fast food? i dunno.
ya maybe i will catch you around and we can tell stories and laugh together at our respective staffs.

Which SF 24 hour are you gonna work?

Hopefully not the Market st gym. Man, the fitness trainers, not to mention fitness manager, are dumb.

Yeah, I remember the 5 day training period and how it completely focused on “the sale” instead of training.

Oh well, good luck. I hope you help change a few lives.

Ha ha ha what a jackass BK at work!!! Don’t get me wrong I like Fast food just as much as the next guy, but common now. Yea, it was nice, but you’re basically saying do as I say and not as I do. I eat clean most of the time, but I do have occasional times of weakness. If I were in this situation I would have said thank you, but I think I’ll stick with ole faithful…Grilled chicken and brown rice. Kinda bland after a while, but atleast I’m not inspiring any of my clients to go home and break bad on a box of Nutter Butters. he he he

anyone know anything about club one?
is it better/worse than 24?
how about working there…more money or more salesmanship?

No clue about Club One man, but it would stand to reason that you would make more money at 24. I mean with all the advertising and all. It reaches the masses and gets them in there in the first place where you can get a chance to explain how much a proper diet/training(via you ;)is a necessity and not an option with someone that is new to the game. If they truly want results in the shortest amount of time you’re the way to go. Stick with 24 more clients coming in all the time.