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Just Moved (Sacramento)

So two weeks ago, I packed up my stuff And drove across country from Buffalo, Ny to Sacramento, Ca to kind of do the whole follow your dream bit. Anyone ever done anything similiar? Anyone from sacramento?


well, not FROM Sac, but living there a the ‘mo, what brings you out west? What’s that dream you’re chasin’?

Sweet youll dig SAC born and raised there grew up in citrus hieghts,roseville area. Its kind of unique its in the middle of everything. You have lake Tahoe and reno 90 miles away great skiing up in kirkwood. San Fran and the ocean 100miles the other direction the land of endless debouchery. I moved three years ago to NM and been homsick ever since. its a cool town you will enjoy it. there use to be a fairly old school hard core gym in roseville dont know if its still there. good luck to ya

ps your not to far from concord either
were there is a hard core gym. one of the girls in the strength forums writes about all of the time cant think of its name at the moment.

Its Diablo Barbell from Erickas post
never been there myself. didnt learn about until T-Nation. But Ericka paints
A motivating picture.