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Just Met Pushharder


Dude looks more powerful in person. We tried to redo the Arnold/Carl Weathers grip pose. I think I was a better stunt double.


You two need to stop that shit the force of the handshake caused a massive tsunami in the middle of the pacific


didja get the invite to the swinger party?

srsly, you know he's got one going on~


I mean, there's no way this thread could continue with said picture included for reference...

You taking him out to experience some real Texas food? I've only been down there a few times but the food I shall always remember =]


Zerchers will do that to you. j/k

Did you have a meal together? If so, where and how much was consumed?


Was about to ask that. LOL!



Look at how T-Nation in the flesh defies racial and political boundaries!


Did you address each other by your screen names the whole time?



well played


Awesome figures he comes to H town when I am in Arizona.


I'm in Arizona! Welcome!


He was on his way out of town. I'm just glad he looked me up. I wanted him to see my office.

Maybe we'll catch up on the meal on the way back. I want a copy of that picture he took though.


This is all sorts of awesome.

I seem to remember you saying something in an Indigo vid about opening your own shop...so all on your own now, no partners?


The funny things is, my screen name is what most people call me...at least the last part.

But no, he knows me now. It's cool seeing someone who does work out hard and doesn't let his body fall apart just because he got some gray hair. He isn't exactly the first choice for someone to pickpocket.


Two legends of T-Nation


X, going to Montana any time soon?


There's a Frank Zappa joke served on a platter considering X's vocation lol.


Its okay you have some pretty mountains, but I dont know about your women.


It really is awesome to meet up with real T-Nation'ers. I've trained with Beans and Brian St. Clair (T-Nation author) goes to the same gym as me. Couple other lesser known names, too.

I travel a lot for work and I try to hook up with the T-Nation locals when I can.

Very cool.




I <3 Beans.