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Just Met Mariusz!


I went to a MM store today and sure enough, he was there, like they said he would be. Dude is absolutely amazing. He was nice and absolutely monstrous. I've met Ronnie and Gunter, and he was right up there with them, many I bet will say he has a better physique. Does anybody think that the Worlds Strongest Man has a better body than Mr. Olympia?


I do, simply because I think modern bodybuilders are so freaky huge as to be unappealing. So I admire his physique more, especially considering how funtional we know it is.


Mariusz definitely embodies Mr. Olympia better than most of the guys I see on magazine covers. Instead of asking if he's got too much oil on his ass cheek he's throwing cars around and squatting dozens of strippers at a time. Not to mention the guy's cut up more than a malpractice victim. First time I saw him compete I was blown away. Then again, if you put him on the stage he might start doing farmer walks with the other competitors, carrying them around by their g-strings.


Exactly usaffirefighter!

Pudzianowski is a real athlete!




Impressive, yes. I am not sure if you can say he embodies Mr. Olympia. It also isn't like he puts no focus into how he looks.


It depends on what your esthetic goals are. I personally wouldn't want to look like any of the most recent Mr. Olympias. I think the last one who truly impressed me as far as my own goals was Lee Haney.


Just saying the name Mr. Olympia should be based on more than who can get the lights to shine off their glutes the best. Not saying being a champion bodybuilder is easy by any means, but I think it's lost some of its hard earned respect the last several years.


I lift at Lee's gym in Atlanta. Sometimes, if I get in earlier in the day, Lee is in there training. That old son of gun is still big, still strong and overall seems very healthy. I wonder how some of these more recent Mr. Olympia chemistry cases are going to be holding up in their 40's and 50's.


Prof X,
The second pic you posted of Mariusz is my alternating screen saver between him and your old avatar! (j/k)


You probably aimed this question at the men on here but I just wanted to say lucky you! I would love to see him in person some day. I happen to think he has an amazing physique. I like it better than any of the recent ones I've seen. He is beautiful(for a guy).



No one has asked the really important question: Should he shave his head?


It's funny to me how Lee Haney (a guy who won 8 Olympias, for the love of God) almost seems forgotten when some people (not all) talk about the greats. Big, but with great lines and (GASP!) a narrow waist.


I've never seen this guy before and he does look very good, aesthetic, and powerful.

Another guy I like who isn't a Mr. Olympia, but is an Olympia competitor (I don't think he ever placed in the top five) and doesn't have the overblown steroid look is Darrem Charles. He's a guy with amazing symmetry and very aesthetic and looks solid as a rock.


pudz is a buff bono.

profx, im curious, what would pudz need to make him seem to "embody Mr. Olympia" more?

i'd like to see pudz as an NFL defensive end because he would pwn it up. Polish Power!!


Gee, how about...compete in a Mr. Olympia contest? The guy is impressive. I am also going for more of a look of power (and eventual leanness) rather than that of simply being someone who shaves and tans (although I have never had a problem with the tan part). However, considering that is my goal, no matter how developed I would get, I could never claim to be a representative of the Mr. Olympia contest. I am not sure why you or anyone else would even make that connection.


i was just searching around to find some good pics of mariusz when i stumbled across something that surprised me. according to wikipedia, "Pudzianowski was disqualified from the 2004 World's Strongest Man 'for a breach of the new IFSA Strongman Health Policy' and has received a one year ban from competiton." i'm guessing they mean 2005, since i thought he finished 3rd in 2004. is there any truth to this?

that being said, i love mariusz, and "breach of policy" or not, he's still one of the baddest men on the planet. i'm just hoping that this health policy violation was him trying to eat hugo girard and not something more serious.


It was crazy, there was this 10.0 of a woman there on behalf of Met-Rx as well and all the dudes could have cared less about her. And I live in the OC, they are everywhere! Oh, and he said he was competing soon.


Yep , Mariusz still is the man .

BTW for those of you who haven't seen him training yet check out these two links (about +/- 25Mb in size)


Sure it's in polish , but a picture says more than a thousand words ...


from your first post i was under the impression you thought "Mr. Olympia embodiment" was a certain look or something. guess i was wrong.