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Just Met Greg Freaking Jennings!


Probably not a big deal to most people, especially non-football fans, but as a born-and-raised cheesehead and resident of Kalamazoo, (he attended WMU,) Greg Jennings came through my line tonight at Best Buy! I think I have to proclaim it to the world before I really absorb how awesome it was. You don't understand, you don't see a lot of famous people in these parts.

Yes, I had a full-blown erection the entire time.


You're welcome, douche bag.


looks like hes about to get clobbered by my vikes!


My vikes? You're in Canada.


America's hat




More like America's "Boating-for-Sex" contestants.

Damn, that was like four years ago and it still works.


Nice. I kinda know how you feel. Valeted cars for Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Moose Johnston one day at the country club I work at. I work for the golf course there now and Troy Aikman is out there about once a month. I still get excited every time I seem him.


Good stuff man. That dude has jets and he's also proven to be a legit WR1.



What's Mexico? America's jock strap.


More like Americas workforce




How about America's Taint.


No. America's workforce was hilarious. You just killed it.


I agree. America's Hat had the perfect follow up.


That's cool.

Gilbert Brown lived in Milwaukee for several years even after his playing days were over and I would see him around the city. He's kinda hard to miss.


You lost me at cheese-head.


So, how did he rank on the celebrity Cool to douche scale ?


Haha! Damn, I remember him. That was a HUGE fucker. Nice.

He was actually really fuckin' laid back. I didn't have anything really cool to say to him (if I see him again, I got something better, but I was really fucking nervous as lame as it sounds,) and he was actually like "Thanks man, I get it a lot. I look a lot like him, don't I?"

I just froze up with a confused-ass look on my face and he started laughing. He told me he was just playing and stuff.

So, seemed cool in my book.


So you didn't actually see the real Jennings? That's lame.