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Just Met a Guy. His Cycle


A guy who is shredded to shit about 200 at 5'6". We started talking about cycles and he said for about year straight he has ran

300mg of Test
800-1200mg of Tren
500mg of Eq

Says he is on Lipitor for Cholestrol but other than that he is perfectly fine.

Just thought some might fond this interesting.


Ask him about his ability to mantain erection.


Tren is 19- nor steroid, meaning that in high enough dosages (like 800-1200 mg) it may cause sexual disfunction! I just started front loading some nandrolone along with high tren and its been harder to mantain ! Even on a gram of test on top of that!


I have never had problems with sexual issues when running Tren at a Gram with 400mg of Test or when runing Deca at a gram or even running both of them together. It is completely individual I guess. The only time I ever have had a problem is when I go off everything all together and test clears.


that's nothing absurd by any means.. but running a statin for your cholesterol is not a good idea..

id like to see what his blood pressure is, the results of a few blood panels, as well as the results of a creatine clearance test.

chances are, he IS totally fine.. but blasting all year on 2g aas which includes over a gram of tren is not a healthy idea.


man im such a pussy lol


that's exactly what I was thinking. My steroid use is decidedly dainty in comparison!


oh you think im a pussy too huh?! well... well.... f u man!!!

lol fuck this just ordered 500000 iu hgh, 50 vials slin, and 40000ml tren


LOL! Is that it? Fucking hell, DYEL?


seriously tho to me thats nuts. But if he's gettin bloodwork done and it's all good...
I wonder how things will be for him once he goes off. If he goes off

I remember watching a interview with Boston Loyd and he was saying at one point he was using 12 GRAMS of gear PER DAY!
And 14cc of synthol on top of that. I cant imagine the full body PIP he must be feeling

hurts my mind just thinking about it


Or maybe B.L was just bullshiting to make some publicity, lets face it , he s worth nothing on a BBing stage.


bloodwork only paints a part of the picture.

Bostin said 12 grams per week, not per day. we have a guy on a different board who pinned 16 grams of gear a week, which included 5 grams of tren.

over in the UK, where gear is legal, aas abuse is very widespread. guys using a vial a day is not unheard of.


actually, he won the contra costa.. which is a decent-sized show.

im confident he could turn pro if he was actually disciplined


I'm almost positive I heard him say per day, and thought to myself maybe he meant per week. Perhaps you're right tho.

Even per week that's still an unbelievable amount.

I like BL. He's still young and has tons of potential.


Close friend of mine is runnning 600 deca, 300 test e, 300 mast p, Epistane...... Pretty weird from what i've seen. He said hes using the mast to keep sides from deca down...


Considering he decided he was going to enter and win the contra, and then did shows he has determination and can work hard I would agree he could turn pro but his diet is shit and he relies to much on the drugs.


can't really decide if i kinda like the guy or fucking hate him, his girl is hot though


I have mixed feelings about him. On one hand, he seems like a nice enough kid and it's refreshing to hear someone talk so candidly about gear use, but on the other hand he's using a fucking TON of gear and it scares me that young uns will be copying him.


Agreed, i think that young people will get the wrong idea about steroids (especially tren) and will jump in too hard to quickly and end up messing themselves up and not knowing how to fix it.


.bfdLrzAyUD4 Hes got absolutelly no pro potential, he is a joke!