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Just Meat & Rice???


I was surfing the bodybuilding sites and found this:


All the guy eats is meat and rice, is that typical?

I swore off rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, etc. and lost over 60 pounds in less than 8 months. Granted, my goals and "supplement routine" are different, but wouldn't an occasional apple or piece of broccoli be a good thing.

Anyway, I was just a little surprised to see a diet with so little variety and was wondering if anyone on here has followed something similiar with good success.


If you are a normal human you will be better served reading DR John Berardi's articles


I can't say i've witnessed it because I"m not in the industry but I can say I've read a ton of articles where bodybuilders say this is all they eat. That the toughest thing about their sport is how boring food becomes. Considering there size the calories from the rice are more likely to be burned or stored in their muscles then become fat.

Many of them will eat brocoli or an apple but its not the staple of their diet and they are not going to state it in an interview on what to eat.

Just like regular people their seems to be ones that have to eat strict and ones that can eat whatever they want, because I've seen just as many articles where they said several months out the year they eat whatever they want.


Jay stayed pretty darn lean this offseason so his diet doesn't suprise me. It looks like his precontest diet with more calories.


Personally I'd say that's more due to planning apathy and lack of cooking skills. It's pretty easy to figure out calories and macros if you only ever use two ingredients, more complicated recipes might require like math and stuff. :slightly_smiling:


Two things weirded me out here...the low level of dietary fat, and the fact that he seems to be okay with getting NO JOY WHATSOEVER out of eating. Rare is the person who can treat food strictly as fuel.


good one. funny thing is, before i really got into nutrition stuff, i was the same way: use the least amount of ingriedients possible so i wouldn't have to think about it as much =(


I think his joy comes from walking into his trophy room and seeing all the Arnold Classic trophies along with his fresh new Sandow from last year. And cashing checks week after week for guest posings because he's Mr. Olympia and shows up in great shape.

An everyday person would have to have incredible determination and discipline to be able to keep up with that, but when it's your career some sacrifices can be made I'm sure.


Count me as one of these people.

No shit, I've been having the same thing for dinner every night for the last frikkin year, almost to the day.


Still though, 4 slices of plain ezekiel toast is rough no matter how you slice it.


no doubt he east brown basmati or just plain brown rice as white rice has a higher g.i.
but remember what works for him doesn't for everyone else.
Look how intense he trains as well,so he can afford to eat like that.

not forgetting the GH or steroids that he takes.


McDonalds + Squats = Future Olympian


I read the replys before looking at the link. I was thinking some more of the typical meat-head mentality was going to be on there. When I finally looked at it, I began to wonder what all the hoopla was about.

Look at bodybuilders diets back 20, 30, or more years ago and you'll see similar diets. Not really all that out of place to me.


The same reasoning can be applied to hookers. But rare, they are not.