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Just Lost My Virginity at 23


Ok, so now I just think you’re a troll.


I’m not. If I was I wouldn’t devote attention to trying to get advice here.


you’re not trying to get advice. You’re repeating the same annoying shit over and over trying to piss people off.


You’re wrong, but I won’t try to argue with you


I really hope I am wrong, because then at least I’d know your game really was so weak there’s zero chance of you ever procreating. The world has enough whiny little bitches crying about how hard life is already.


You are. If you’re going to say something like that about weak game and call me a whiny little bitch though I would at least ask that you clarify what having strong game means (according to you). I’m far from the whiniest bitch alive, I am nothing online like what I am IRL.

I have been through a ton of shit and I struggle to survive, I’m not some troll living in his parents basement spending every day doing this shit. I solicit advice because I am considering suicide if all efforts fail. I’m not kidding, as out there as this may sound.

I don’t even deal that awkwardly with women. I just think I have bad luck.


You’ve a fully functioning body and all limbs intact. Sounds pretty good to me.


Statistically speaking some have probably found me attractive (1 or 2 in my entire life, to be realistic) but were too shy to say anything. Combine that with me being shy to say anything and it makes a shitty game of russian roulette which gives the impression that everyone hates me


Sounds like a great victory to be had. Beating the odds.


I hope that’s not sarcasm but i agree. Nothing would make me happier than someday having a hot woman and it being a massive fuck you to everyone who bullied me in high school and college. Not that that would be my reason for a relationship mind you


watch the video, I’m serious.


I’m on and off the internet today and it’s pretty long, I’ll check it out but I also fear it might not result in the relationship I was really seeking. I guess I never thought a formula or method would be necessary when ideally the commonality and connection between two people would form the bond.

But I guess I’m just delusional

Edit, I do like the element of disarming the neediness though



First off you were warned by multiple posters that you would get flamed. This is honestly the nicest T-Nation has ever been to someone acting like you. Everyone has been nice thus far, that didn’t work so here it goes.

A little anecdote to illustrate how frustrated I am with you. I met a man two weeks ago who was a burn victim. He stopped by a store where I was getting in my car to ask for directions. When I say burn victim I mean this man barely had eyelids or lips and he had no ears. I looked him straight in the eye to try and not embarrass him (or myself really). We talked for 10 minutes about how to find the obscure place he was looking for. You know what? He was the nicest most positive person I’ve interacted with in years. He probably felt lucky to just be alive. I’ve been told that debreeding is the most painful thing a person can go through and it takes months. I thought “there but for the grace of God go I” after that encounter. I’m still wary about using my wood burner.

If that man can go through life with a smile and not be a whiny little bitch than so can you. You aren’t ugly you’re normal. There are very few Brad Pitts in the world, that’s why they’re movie stars. The only thing holding you back is your terrible attitude.

Everyone in this thread has gone through tough shit, and they understand depression and being down. That’s why you were told so many times to deal with your attitude and get help if it’s truly a medical chemical imbalance.

There are two types of people: victims and people who triumph over the adversity in their lives.

Which are you now? Which do you want to be? How do you get from here to there?

In order for women to like you, you need to like yourself first.

I’m out.


Fair enough, and lo siento. Thanks.


No kidding?

A good friend of mine that fits that exact description lives right up there.


Does he drive a green pickup truck?


Yep, I’m pretty sure he does.

Curled up fingers and nose burnt down to nubs, and all of the skin grafts look like postage stamp patchwork?


That’s him. He was trying to get to a school for basketball game or wrestling match I can’t remember.

I assumed he was a fireman. But I don’t know how anyone would have the will to survive that and come back. He must be tough. If anyone has a right to be addicted to pain meds. If you don’t mind me asking what happened?



He’s a steamfitter and was working on a gas line that exploded. It killed the other guys, and left hum burned over 65% of his body. Other people on the job site had to roll him around in a puddle to put him out.

Anyways, he is a great guy. I’ve been friends with him for about 17 years. His story is both horrendous and amazing, but you’d have to hear him tell it yourself. Its unbelievable from anyone else, but hell, you’ve seen him.

p.s. He has no tolerance what so ever for self pity.